Until Bungie pushes out yet another DLC for Destiny, The Taken King will keep fans on the edge of their seats. Sure the previously released House of Wolves DLC was a great prospect in terms of features and overall experience, but The Taken King has built upon it and is probably the greatest ever Destiny expansion.

There's a lot to do and see in The Taken King DLC for Destiny and currently, we are focusing on how to find and then use the Wormsinger and Wormfeeder Runes in the game. In case you didn't know, to receive these items, the player is needed to complete events on the Dreadnaught ship, and have a potent fireteam.

Destiny The Taken King Guide – Find and Use Wormsinger Runes

As far as the Wormsinger Rune is concerned, the player will need to kill Hive Wizards and Hive Knights while in the Dreadnaught, although it isn't really a matter of joke since some of the enemies are harder to find.

What the players can do is go on a patrol and spend time in the Court of Oryx in the hope of getting the desired drop. The players can additionally head to the Hull Breach area of the Dreadnaught and if by chance the Guardians are battling Blahgrish, a Hive Ogre, at that time, players are advised to join the fight for the Wormsinger Rune drop.

Once the Wormsinger Rune is acquired, the players will be required to head to the Hull Breach area and move left. From there, they will be needed to approach the destroyed beams and pipes that will be stuck in the ground followed by falling off the edge.

When the player reaches the ground, they will need to turn around and locate the entrance to a cave. Head into the cave, stick to the right wall and the players should discover a piece of equipment to insert the Wormsinger Rune.

Apart from that, there's another place to use a Wormsinger Rune, near the Hull Breach. When inside the Dreadnaught, the player will need to head forward until they arrive at the Mausoleum. Now after panning the camera right, the players will see a cave. Head in there and go left, keep to the right and there's another device that will let you use Wormsinger Runes.

Following this, the players will leave the cage and should be greeted with a message saying: "The Hive summon a stalking party". Now, approach and enter the crashed Cabal spaceship at Hull Breach and prepare to fight a bunch of enemies. While fighting, you will be needed to be on the lookout for yet another message that says, "the Hive summon their Champion". The creature it refers to is the Blahgrish; kill him and pick up the Wormfeeder Rune.

Destiny The Taken King Guide – Find and Use Wormfeeder Runes

The Wormfeeder Rune will task the player with killing 50 aliens while exploring the Dreadnaught, although dying could reset the player's progress. The best bet here is to finish the Tier 1 Court of Oryx events and do this as quickly as possible.

After slaughtering 50 enemies, the game should supply the player with a random key to open a chest on the Dreadnaught.

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[Source: Prima Games]