The amount of exotics, weapons and armour that have arrived with Destiny's The Taken King expansion is simply mind-blowing. It's like finding one new weapon everyday (almost like Christmas). And today, we are dealing with the much-talked-about Boolean Gemini Exotic Scout Rifle.

And if you are wondering how to get the Boolean Gemini Exotic Scout Rifle, here's a guide to help you out.

Destiny The Taken King: Get Boolean Gemini Exotic Scout Rifle

Firstly, you will have to speak with Petra on the Reef to accept the quest, The Taken War: Petra. For the quest, you must go to various planets and take down Taken Champions.

Later, there will be a warning message, "Taken forces are corrupting the area." When this happens, you will see Taken Lieutenants spawn, followed by a Taken Champion.

Here, it is better if you have a full fire team to help you out. Taking down the Taken Champion will allow you to obtain the Reciprocal Rune, which you will need for the quest. Repeat the steps twice for each planet until you get the next step in the quest line.

This will be followed by a quest called Wolves of Mars, which you will obtain from Variks at the Reef. First of all, you will need to kill Fallen pirates across a host of planets. You should be able to complete the first objective by performing a quick, low level strike.

When you have completed the first task, head to the Rubicon Wastes on Mars. Here, Archon will spawn. This is close to where you spawned for the Cerberus Vae strike. Just complete the remaining quests you will receive mission from Variks and that can be completed from the main system screen in the game.

Provided the first two quests done, wait until the reset for the following day, then you can access the next quest. You will get the Boolean Gemini Exotic Scout Rifle by completing the quest, Lost and Found. This quest will be obtained by speaking to Petra in the Vestian Outpost.

For Lost and Found, you just need to kill 50 Taken and Hive enemies as you patrol the Dreadnaught. The enemies can be found in the Dreadnaught (basically the Mausoleum, Hall of Souls and Hull Breach). Next, head to the Court of Oryx and do a Tier 1 event until you get "Tech Witch Brooch."

In the end, all you have to do is head back to Petra to receive the Boolean Gemini Exotic Scout Rifle.

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[Source: Prima Games]