Bungie isn't messing around with its popular Destiny title. In fact, this was made known after the previous House of Wolves DLC was pushed out with changes and enhancements marking a big upgrade over the previously released The Dark Below expansion. 

Now, with Destiny creating all sorts of records across gaming charts and leading the list of the most popular titles of the year, it seems we are getting ready to welcome the game's upcoming The Taken King DLC that will, again, be a significant upgrade over what the game offers at the moment.

With Bungie present at this year's Gamescom, it was more than expected that a few more details for the new DLC for the game would be brought out in the open. Well, Bungie didn't disappoint. So, without much delay, here's a look at all the added details that were revealed for The Taken King at Gamescom 2015.

Destiny's Taken King Details – Gamescom 2015

Legendary Equipments Have an Expiry Date

If you have been knee deep into Destiny and have spent time collecting all the major Legendary equipments available in the game, we have some news for you. It seems Bungie is planning on adding specific expiry dates for Legendary items in the game. What this means is as soon as The Taken King hits shelves officially, you can kiss all your Legendary equipments goodbye. In fact, even if you have some older Destiny weapons and armour like Fatebringer by your side for the new DLC, don't expect them to be upgraded. Well, all things (good or otherwise) must come to an end. 

Level Cap Boost for Newbies

Sure you can boast to your friends about the kind of time (and a healthy chunk of life) you have spent with Destiny while levelling up. But there's no reason for you to laugh at all the newbies who are just discovering what Destiny exactly is.

Bungie has all these newbies in mind, who just might decide on picking up Destiny, thanks to The Taken King. It has announced that each copy of The Taken King will come with a special boost that will instantly bring one of your characters up to speed, that is, hit the level current level cap of 34. This seems more of a goodwill gesture towards new players so that they don't get bullied by all the levelled up players who turn absolute mugs when you give them access to mics on a headphone.

Big Changes to Levelling System

We have known a number of hardcore Destiny fanatics who often complain about the way the game's levelling system works. In case you weren't aware, in Destiny, there is a stringent light level-based progression system that comes around once you hit level 20.

However, with The Taken King, Bungie is making sure that you need not find high level armour to level up; experience points would suffice. For the expansion, anything the player does will earn him or her EXP that will eventually take the player to the new level cap of 40. It's not that the light level system is going anywhere. The light levels will keep being the marker of how powerful your character is and will be determined by your equipment's defence and attack capabilities.

Court of Oryx

As revealed through an earlier IGN interview with Bungie's community lead DeeJ, it seems there will now be a new public event-like activity called Court of Oryx. It will have fair shades of Prison of Elders to it, and according to the report, "The Court of Oryx is a player-instigated public event that pits you against different combinations of different bosses in different scenarios." You can read more about Court of Oryx here.

The Scene Shifts to Dreadnought, Around Saturn

For the upcoming The Taken King expansion, it seems everything will take place in a primary new location called the Dreadnought located in and around the rings of Saturn. The Dreadnought is a massive ship that harbours our primary bad guy Oryx, the father of Crota. The ship is so huge that it will take as much time to explore as it takes to explore an entire planet. Apart from that, it has also been revealed that the new expansion will bring Destiny's biggest raid ever.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Twinfinite]