Destiny Crota's End
Destiny Crota's

Even though there's still some time left before the dust starts settling on the newly released House of Wolves DLC, word is already on the street that we are gearing up for a newer DLC pack that's once more set to grace the game. We are talking, of course, about the recently leaked Taken King expansion for the game.

As far as a bit of history is concerned, Destiny has already seen two back-to-back DLC packs being launched for it. The first one, The Dark Below, was released in December and took Guardians beneath the Moon's surface to deal with the Hive's god, Crota.

House of Wolves, on the other hand, which only released last week, will now introduce players to the Reef and hunt down a Fallen house that wants to rebel against the Awoken. However, if the rumours are to be believed, the upcoming Taken King expansion could be featured at this year's E3.

Recently, Twitter user AgriosEndendros took a picture of a Red Bull ad that's offering bonus XP, provided players redeem their codes. Interestingly, the XP gained can then be used for an expansion for Destiny known only as The Taken King.

Although the previous Destiny expansions focused on the Hive and the Fallen, reports have claimed that there's a slight possibility that the new one will focus on the Cabal or the Vex.

"What's interesting is that the Destiny season pass only covers the first two expansions, meaning that Taken King and any future expansions will have to be bought individually instead of through a pass. Unless Bungie is making a second season pass, which isn't good in and of itself," a Twinfinite report states.

But for the time being, that's all we have about the upcoming Taken King expansion for Destiny. However, we have our fingers crossed that we will get to see it officially at Bungie's E3 conference. Stay tuned for more updates!