Destiny's brand new The Taken DLC is probably the hottest thing out there, as far as the gaming industry is concerned. Even when the DLC was not made official by Bungie, there were several leaks and rumours that made us believe that this will be the biggest and best DLC ever for the game. And Bungie didn't disappoint.

There's a lot to do and unlock in The Taken DLC for Destiny, and for the moment we are concentrating on the Dead Ghost locations in the game brought over with the DLC. If you are interested, here's a detailed view of all those locations.

Destiny The Taken King – Dead Ghost Locations

Ghost Fragment: Clovis Bray – Look for the Ghost on Phobos during the first mission for The Taken King.

Ghost Fragment: Cabal 4 – You can locate this Ghost during the first Taken King mission on Phobos as well.

Ghost Fragment: Cabal 3 – To find this one, kill the boss on Phobos during the first Taken King mission and head back to your ship.

Ghost Fragment: Legend Saint-14 – To find this Ghost, head to the Devil's Spire and the room with the elevator shaft.

Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 3 – You can track down this Dead Ghost at the Devil's Spire during Cayde-6's Stash mission

Ghost Fragment: Human 5 – To find this Ghost, during Cayde-6's Stash mission on Earth, walk into the second area of the Devil's Spire, the same place where you battled Echo of Oryx

Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 4 – To find this Ghost, you will need to be on the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. strike.

Destiny The Taken King – Reach Tier 3 Easily

As of now, the Court of Oryx has as many as three tiers, although there's a possibility of more getting revealed with Guardians continuing to increase their Light levels. When players head into the hallway (just before Court of Oryx), they will find statues on both sides.

While the closest statue will trigger the lowest tier of the Court of Oryx, the one of its left side will trigger the second tier. The third one, positioned the farthest, is more challenging and will be triggered when selected. Note that each tier comes with a recommended Light level and requires a specific type or Summoning Rune to be sacrificed to begin session in the Court of Oryx.

  • Tier 1 - Light 190 - Reciprocal Rune
  • Tier 2 - Light 240 - Stolen Rune
  • Tier 3 - Light Unknown - Antiquated Rune

Stay tuned for more updates!

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