Bungie is all set to release the next big DLC for its popular Destiny title. Following DLC releases such as The Dark Below and House of Wolves, Destiny's fans are finally ready to welcome upcoming The Taken King DLC. The new DLC reportedly has a number of improved features and new additions.

For the DLC, Bungie held its first ever Destiny: The Taken King stream reveal on Twitch. The live stream for the DLC focused mainly on the Tower social space, apart from items and the way characters will progress with the expansion, due out in September.

And, in case you missed out on the new live stream, here's a highlight of the top five details that were revealed for The Taken King, and how it will improve the overall Destiny experience going forward. Let's take a look:

Destiny – The Taken King DLC Live Stream Recap

Major Overhaul for Faction Vendors

One of the major highlights of the Twitch live stream reveal for The Taken King was the amount of changes that have been made to the faction vendors. For The Taken King, players will first need to pledge their allegiance to whichever vendor they deem suitable. Once the player successfully chooses the faction, he or she will then be stuck with him for the entire week, so choose your factions carefully. Then, players can earn faction points from PvE and PvP. Apart from that, the Gunsmith has a ranking now, and for the new DLC, he will provide players with quests and powerful Legendary weapons that they can pick up the following Wednesday. Note that your rank with the vendors from the previous DLCs will be carried over to Destiny: The Taken King.

Currency Limit Scrapped

For The Taken King DLC, Bungie has consolidated the Vanguard and Crucible marks into Legendary Marks, and has successfully scrapped the limit on how many you can obtain. Players are said to be able to only hold 200 in their wallet at a time, but they will be able to continuously earn them via a plethora of activities. Apart from that, sharing legendary weapons and armour will now fetch Legendary Marks, which can be used towards obtaining more weapons or gears from the vanguard and crucible vendors.

Changes to Light Level

When The Taken King DLC for Destiny was first leaked, reports claimed that, contrary to the popular beliefs, the Light Levels wouldn't go away, but would be used differently. However, more light was shed on the changes made to the Light Levels for The Taken King at the recent Twitch live stream, and it was revealed that in the beginning, the game will study every single piece of gear the player owns and will use it to deduce the player's overall power level. Apart from that, class specific items and Ghost Shells will contribute to the player's Light Level.

New and Improved Weapon Types

Even though the latest live stream reveal for the upcoming DLC showed glimpses of the kind of new weapons and their types players can expect from The Taken King, we still remain clueless about the new weapons that are coming. However, keen-eyed Destiny fans must have caught a brief glimpse of the Arc Edge -- a Legendary sword-like weapon that will guard players against incoming attacks -- at the reveal. Sure, we still have no idea whether the new weapons will be class specific or will be open to all, but the initial glimpses of the Arc Edge fills us up with hope.

Class Items, Ghosts Have More Purpose

Bungie, for the upcoming The Taken King DLC, is making sure that not only all the previous 'useless' items fetch players more Light, but also add more value to the Guardians via perks. With The Taken King, Ghosts and Class Items (Cloaks, Bonds, and Marks) will provide perks to help guardians in the game. Apart from that, Class items are expected to provide experience boosts, weapon bonuses, and class specific perks that will then improve the players' special abilities. Also, Ghosts will now be able to track bounties for players so that they don't have to hit the pause screen every time to track the bounties themselves.

Are you excited about the upcoming The Taken King DLC? How much influence do you think it will have over the previous DLCs for the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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[Source: Twinfinite]