We just can't get enough of Destiny's recently released The Taken King DLC. There's so much to find and do in the new DLC, compared to the previously released House of Wolves, and what excites more at this point is how to get the Exotic Sword that seems so hellishly elusive for most players.

For those looking to grab the Exotic Sword for themselves, know that it only comes into contention once you have acquired the Legendary Sword. To get the Exotic Sword, you will need to level up your Legendary Sword's attack value to a minimum of 280. Once that is done, Lord Shaxx will have another quest for you to complete, called A Sword Reforged.

So how exactly do you come across the Exotic Sword in Destiny's The Taken King DLC? We take a closer look.

Destiny The Taken King: Acquire Exotic Sword

To start things off, players will require 10 Rare Planetary Materials, while also obtaining 500 Ability Kills. Note beforehand that this will take time (at least an hour) to complete, although a lot depends on the sword you will carry.

For that matter, a Void Sword needs Relic Iron, a Solar Sword requires Spinmetal and finally, an Arc Sword needs Helium Filaments. However, that may not be of much help since you will be after random drop for resources.

But once that is out of the way, this is where ability kills will come into play, although kills with the sword and other weapons won't really count for much. But from here, to gain the Exotic Sword, know that it will be a time consuming process, and that you will have to wait until the next Armsday (happening every Wednesday).

Next, speak to Lord Shaxx, and just wait until the next Armsday arrives. Later on, chat with Lord Shaxx once more, following which you must kill the Warden of Oryx and then Alak-Hul in 30 seconds. Since this can be a bit complicated, players are recommended that they reach Light 30 and head into the Sunless Cell Strike.

For this, you will require a total of three Guardians, with each player harnessing a different type of elemental damage to deal with the wealth of shielded enemies.

Get to the boss, and you will see Alak-Hul and three Knights, otherwise known as the Warden of Oryx. Go after the creature with the similar shield type as your sword.

Now attack Darkblade until its health is five to 10%; do the same with your specific Warden of Oryx. You want both as close to death as possible. When all is done, call upon your fire team and unleash the super abilities. Kill the Warden of Oryx and this will kick off a 30-second timer. This is your chance to kill Alak-Hul.

In the end, speak to Lord Shaxx one more. Head to the Orbit and then the Tower. Approach Lord Shaxx and he will have a 310 Exotic Sword. Accept the weapon and level it up to access its special attack. The new Exotic Sword will have the same damage type as your Legendary Sword.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]