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"Destiny," the popular video game from Bungie, is rumoured to title its next DLC as Rise of Iron, according to the leaked poster that surfaced on Reddit forum.

The leak not only revealed the possible name of the next DLC, but also the key promotional art of the game.

The leaked image shows Lord Saladin brandishing a flaming hammer standing near the Earth's wall. He is surrounded by wolves.

This was later confirmed to be true by Kotaku sources close to Bungie. The report noted that the raid could be based on Fallen. The developer is said to have started the work from scratch last summer.

Meanwhile, the next "Destiny" game, "Destiny 2," was recently rebooted by the company and Luke Smith, who previously was the director of The Taken King, "Destiny" DLC.

The report also said that the company moved the internal target of "Destiny 2" from 2016 to 2017, making way for Rise of Iron DLC. Apart from this, there is no new information on the possible releases from Bungie for "Destiny" until the release of "Destiny 2."

It is predicted that Bungie might reveal the details of Rise of Iron DLC at the upcoming E3 2016 in June.

Xur's location and inventory for May 20- 22

Xur, the Agent of Nine, is back with his inventory for this weekend. Xur will be found at the Speaker area, by the balcony.

Here are the items that he has for this weekend:

  • Legacy Engram [Chest armour] – 29SC
  • The Glasshouse [Exotic Titan helmet] – 13SC
  • Khepri's Sting [Exotic Hunter gauntlets] – 13SC
  • Sunbreakers [Exotic Warlock gauntlets] – 13SC
  • Universal Remote [Exotic shotgun] – 17SC
  • Three of Coins – 7SC
  • Glass Needle – 3SC