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House of Wolves DLC inboundDestiny

A long time ago when Bungie announced that it was planning to jump back in the gaming bandwagon with the release of Destiny, a lot of enthusiasm was generated as to what more the early Halo developer has in its pocket. Needless to say, Destiny didn't disappoint much.

Fast forward into months from its initial release, the game has kept fairly busy in a market that's usually churning out titles in a hurry. While the Hard Mode for Crota's End is coming soon, there's also a new patch on the cards that will look to eliminate most of the needless features of the Normal Mode. However, what we are more concerned about is the upcoming House of Wolves DLC for the game.

Matt W Gordon, a regular Reddit user, recently compiled a large graphic consisting of vendor gear, raid gears and weapons, story missions and much more for the newest DLC for the game on the cards. Interestingly, all the details were carefully extracted from DestinyDB, DestinyTracker and DestinyPlanet.

As it seems from the infographic, the user managed to churn out quite a few details for the House of Wolves DLC. In fact, some of the new features for the DLC set to be introduced include a new Hardcore competitive mode.

The new Raid on offer, on the other hand, is called The Arena and is set to offer both level 32 version and a level 34 Hard Mode version, with enemies topping out in the Level 35. But as usual, all the details here are to be taken with a pinch of salt since nothing has been clarified with substantial backing. But then again, even if most of these details come true at the DLC's release, we won't be shocked seems these only seem like the kind of changes you might expect.

And as you may already know, Bungie is set to deploy a new Destiny patch that will fix several issues within the recently introduced DLC raid mission Crota's End. The patch should address all the lingering bugs while also introducing a harder difficulty mode for the level.

Bungie's patch is set for a final roll-out for Destiny players on 13 January.