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Destiny was released on 9 September, 2014.Destiny

Fans in Destiny, the FPS game from developer Bungie and publisher Activision, constantly dig for more information on the games and one such fan has found that the next House of Wolves content could take place on the Moon.

Reddit user megamanexe4 has mined for information on the next chapter in Destiny's expansion, House of Wolves. The user has found some evidence that the future contents of House of Wolves will be on the Moon, due to the evidence he found about "Queens Quest" when the last update was released.

He also reveals that the Raid in Destiny was supposed to happen in Reef. But it was later changed into a completely new gameplay type in Arena. However, he also adds that he has proof to show that the Raid was not deleted and Bungie turned it into Arena.

He goes on to say in the post that the Reef Raid had different modifiers at each level and the description text for the Reef Raid was Test yourself", while Variks now says during the Arena something very similar like "Test your strength".

The above factors have led him to believe that Reef Raid was turned into the Arena mode. So he goes on to say that if the above things are found to be true then, "the new raid coming later this year must be something brand new and different from the original reef raid."