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If recent leaks and rumours are anything to go by, Destiny's first (and only) PvE-focused live event Queen's Wrath could be making its appearance prior to the release of the game's next biggest expansion DLC – House of Wolves.

Recently, a host of entries for various Reef bounties were discovered on DestinyDB related to the same. Some of these bounties include beating the Watchers of Crota in The Wakening (exclusive mission for The Dark Below) and completing a level 28 Vanguard Strike without getting killed.

These strikes, apparently are part of the upcoming Vanguard Dragon Strike playlist.

Besides, bounties also include hunting down new missions bosses like Nycor the Reborn. Players should also note that there will be a new Vanguard bounty to earn 20,000 XP in story missions with the Epic modifier active.

Fascinatingly enough, although bounties for Iron Banner were discovered, they were for the PvP mode Salvage. This is a 3v3 mode wherein teams must hurry to salvage a relic and then defend a similar process attempted by their enemies.

On the topic of Iron Banner, one user writes: "Unfortunately the Iron Banner Salvage bounty has been in the DB since release. As for the other Iron Banner bounties, they were bounties used in the first two Iron Banners but they scrapped them to make easier bounties."

So, although Iron Banner Salvage may not be coming, as Gamingbolt writes, "there's still a chance Queen's Wrath could return, especially since the House of Wolves expansion focuses on the Reef and the Queen of the Awoken."

More details can be found here.