If you have been knee-deep in Destiny all this while, successfully by-hearting every other game mode, weapons and exotics in the game, you shouldn't be any stranger to the very rare Iron Banner mode – Yeah, the same one that keeps popping every month or two, and ends after one week.

While the Iron Banner game mode seems like a great place to earn more rewards and added loot, it has be said that reaching the maximum level in just seven days is no joke and will require extraordinary, inhuman skills to conquer. That being said, it isn't an ordeal either, and you could always get better at it.

So, without further delay, let's take a look at the few workable tips that will help you earn more reputation (let alone the loot) when taking on the Iron Banner game mode.

Destiny Guide – Iron Banner Game Mode Tips

  • To successfully kick off the Iron Banner mode, note that you will be required to head over to the Tower first. Once you are spawned there, look for the big gate that's just above the Hall of Guardians in front of you.
  • If the gate is open, this probably means the Iron Banner event is currently active for all. The player, here, will need to head over to this area and locate Lord Saladin. In case you didn't know, Lord Saladin is the vendor that will help you out with all your Iron Banner needs.
  • To start off, Guardians should look to buy the Tempered Buff item which increases the amount of Iron Banner reputation that you earn for 12 hours. Note that not only will this cost you a single Mote of Light, but it will decrease the amount of time you would usually need to spend making the most out of this event.
  • This buff grows stronger as the week progresses. For example, if on day one it provides you a 10 percent boost, on day two it could increase to 13 percent. If you spend the entire week, the Tempered Buff will provide you with a 125 percent reputation boost. This is meant for those who don't want to spend much time here.
  • Apart from this, Lord Saladin will also have Iron Banner specific bounties each day. On completing them successfully, you will earn more Iron Banner reputation. While some of these will be easy, others could be a bit dicey to handle. Either way, get them all.
  • Once the business with Lord Saladin is taken care of, you should start thinking about your gear – armour, weapons and class items (you may have earned a few in previous Iron Banner events). For the record, compared to the Crucible, Iron Banner lets you hold on to specific stats and compare them against other Guardians.
  • The next essential thing for the player to do now is to figure out which of their Guardians – among the Titan, Hunter and Warlock – have the highest level. Once you successfully choose the Guardian, you can then register him up for the PvP event. Also keep note of your best weapons and use to vault to transfer them.
  • Regular Iron Banner participants will know that if they have ever participated in previous Iron Banner events and bought some of the Class Items – Emblems and Shaders – they can be used to procure some additional reputation.
  • To get better at Iron Banner, it is recommended that you start fighting it out against the opposition Guardians. And the best way to do that is to get into a group with your best mates, since you will require teamwork and communication skills to win the rounds.
  • It's almost imperative that you have clear knowledge of the map that you are playing on. You are more likely to win a battle, rather than lose, against your adversaries if you know the map like the back of your hand. Likewise, if you have exactly zero knowledge about the map, you could end up at the bottom of the scorecharts.
  • Apart from having a detailed knowledge about the map you are playing on, it's also advisable that you keep an eye on your radar. The radar is always active, and is the best way to find your opponents on the map. Relying on your radar isn't a bad thing, and will get you out of sticky situations more often than not.
  • Going by what we have heard from Iron Banner experts so far, it seems like the Red Death Exotic is a fan-favourite. Aside that, we have also heard of a "special weapon" called Judgement VI and a Rocket Launcher called The Last Rebellion that fans love, when in the Iron Banner mode. It's also better if you keep levelling up the weapons.
  • Of course, these aren't the only top weapons in Iron Banner, and we sure others have different preference. But whatever you choose, always remember to be on your feet. Weapon effectiveness can vary from one map to the other, but your sole goal is to survive and make sure your enemies don't. Good luck, fellow nerd!

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[Source: Prima Games]