Destiny in-game features revealed by Bungie developer
Destiny in-game features revealed by Bungie

Some of the features of the upcoming game title Destiny have been revealed by Bungie (developer) Head of Art, Dave Dunn. The features include certain modification of characters, in-game currency and others.

Besides the three classes of characters in the game - namely Hunter, Titan and Warlock - the players will be able to tweak each character with certain gears and weapons and create something new. Dave also mentioned about a development called "Builds", about which he kept the information indisclosed.

There will be an in-game currency, through which players would be able to purchase weapons and gears. The players would get the in-game currency after completing certain missions and defeating enemies. The in-game City would feature a tower, which would be the hub for selling player spoils, as well as purchasing items.

He also adds that the locations in the game are huge and varied. "We want players to be able to explore every area of the gorgeous destinations our amazing art team have built, and they each are pretty huge and feature a lot of variety," he stated to IGN.

Players would be able to access Earth, the Moon, Mars and Venus as some of the planets in the initial stages, tells Dave.

Talking about multiplayer modes, Dave adds that in-game vehicles, such as Sparrow and the Fallen Pike, might make its way to the particular mode, creating some mystery for the players. The game would also feature party modes in the multiplayer mode, which would let users play with their close friends, and not with strangers every time.

The release date of the title has not been announced as of yet by the developer.

Destiny trailer can be seen below:

[Video Courtesy: destinygame/Youtube]