There's not much time left before the next biggest DLC for Destiny – The Taken King – is officially upon us. For the upcoming expansion, Bungie has already held several Twitch live stream reveals, like it did for the previous House of Wolves DLC to showcase a number of upcoming features that will add to the game's overall experience.

However, one of the most pertinent questions about the upcoming DLC that have been haunting the Destiny faithful for so long is whether there will be some sort of a common ground between the long time veterans of the game and new comers? 

While for the veterans, the question remains whether their hours of hard work will be carried over to the new expansion, for the noobs it is whether they will ever be able to catch up with all the veterans. However, as it seems, the upcoming DLC is looking to find a balance between both these sets of players.

To begin with, for The Taken King DLC, any player can hit the desired level cap of 40 by simply putting in a shift (time and effort) to earn experience points, rather than waiting on some random numbers to be generated for them. Not long ago, during The Taken King reveal, Deej took into account the popular 'forever 29' meme and spoke about how the company wants to eliminate any such barrier.

Talking about players waiting for random numbers being generated for them, the RNG (random number generator) reward system of the game has created an uproar in the Destiny community. It can be judged from the fact that a number of players have even quit the game out of frustration as it became so dang difficult to get desirable legendary weapons and armours. But with The Taken King, there are changes being made to the way this system will work out.

As soon as The Taken King is pushed out, players will be able to buy legendary engrams from the cryptarch with legendary marks. That's not all, though. Legendary weapons can also be bought from the gunsmith in exchange for legendary marks through a weekly event called arms-day.

Each week, players will have the opportunity to order a specific weapon by name and the following week when players log in, it will be ready for them to pick up. During the Twitch Reveal, Deej mentioned how the gunsmith's arms-day arsenal could also become a major point of discussion, similar to the way people discuss about Xur, Agent of the Nine.

But the improvements don't stop there. For The Taken King, there will now be quests (apart from enhanced bounties) that will bring guaranteed rewards. There will be quest lines for each part of the game, including crucible, vanguard, factions and story missions. And while the quests will have varied rewards, others will guarantee legendary rewards for players.

Sure, Bungie will be maintaining the exotic bounties feature for the new DLC, but there is also a new kind of bounty now that will allow players to access "unknown rewards," quite similar to the ones in Nightfall.

Apart from that, expect changes and improvements to the Vault Space. As revealed, exotics, shaders, ships and emblems will be available as blueprints that can now be instantly replicated. However, duplicates of different types of rewards will be eliminated or reduced drastically via the system in relation to whatever the player has in his inventory. On top of that, both noobs and veterans will be treated to a level 25 boost.

Are you new to Destiny or have you been playing it since the day it was released? What do you think about the new changes that are being made for The Taken King DLC? Let us know in the comments section below.

Destiny's The Taken King DLC lands on 15 September, 2015 for all major consoles.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Twinfinite]