Destiny's House of Wolves DLC
Destiny's House of Wolves DLCVG247

Sure Bungie has now officially showcased the upcoming The Taken King DLC for Destiny, but there's still a long way to go before the expansion packs officially hit the shelves. For the time being though, the Destiny faithful are hanging on to the recently released House of Wolves DLC for the game.

With the recent DLC, scoring an exotic item has become considerably easy. All you got to do is open a treasure chest to get your hands on the loot. That being said, finding the keys to the treasure chest isn't always a stroll in the park in the Prison of Elders arena.

This guide is meant to help you locate the keys for the treasure chests in the Prison of Elders arena. Read on for more details below.

Destiny – How to Find Treasure Chest Keys in Prison of Elders

  • Know that even after you are done cashing in for your exotic for the week, you can still return to the same locked chests since it will deliver Queen's Guard Legendary class weapons or armour.
  • Treasure Keys common drops within the House of Wolves game modes. Most Guardians will secure a few Treasure Keys just by handing in bounties to Petra Venj.
  • For an assured Treasure Key, head over to Variks the loyal, who will present you with a Treasure Key upon completing all the tasks from Petra Venj, until the capture of Skolas.
  • While Variks offers you a Treasure key, the Prison of Elders also opens up at the same time with a basic Treasure Chest. It's better if you hold on to the key for a level 32 arena Treasure Chest as that will offer more Strange Coins and Motes of Light.
  • A Treasure Key from Petra Venj in the Reef is very real if you have already completed a number of Wanted bounties. This bounty drop happens far more frequently than Exotic Bounties from the likes of Xander or Eris Morn.
  • Know that there are two small chests in the arena vault that drops the Treasure Keys, and this happens quite often. You can loot these boxes every time you complete the arena on any mode each week. This happens for the level 28-35 arena chests.
  • Every time you defeat a Wanted target, a special chest will appear containing more loot than the regular planetary ones. These will spawn in one of the four or five places, depending on the Bounty location. They can be plundered several times. You can head over here for all the detailed locations.
  • It's quite easy to spot them since they spawn with a golden yellowish glow. When a certain area's loot is secured, you can always return to the same chest as soon as an indication is made about moving to a newer area.
  • You can unlock new Exotic Bounty quests upon completing the level 34 and 35 arenas. You won't need to Find Treasure Keys, but just defeat the final boss.

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[Source: VG247]