Destiny: House of Wolves Nightfall Strike Leaked
Destiny: House of Wolves Nightfall Strike LeakedReddit

Before fans start speculating about a probable Destiny 2 teaser at this year's E3, there's still some time left before the game's House of Wolves DLC is finally released. Two Twitch live stream events showcasing the features of the new DLC have already been done, and now there's more to follow up on.

Recently, Destiny was down due to maintenance work. This was mainly because of update 1.02 that was being deployed to make changes in the game's Crucible. However, with just a week left before the release of House of Wolves, data-miner megamanexe4 has leaked the Nightfall strike. 

According to the data-miner (posted via Reddit), next week's Nightfall strike will be from the House of Wolves. There will be the new Shadow Thief strike, who sees players boarding a House of Wolves Ketch in the 'Ocean of Storms on the Moon', where they go head-to-head against Taniks. There's also a Fallen Walker that must be destroyed in close quarters.

It was also revealed that the new strike will be a level 32 strike and arrive with modifiers for Nightfall. These include Lightswitch, Angry, Epic, Arc Burn and Nightfall. But as always, every other detail in the leak is to be taken with a pinch of salt, until things are made official.

Destiny's House of Wolves DLC is set to release on 19 May for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3.

[Source: Gamingbolt]