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House of Wolves DLC inboundDestiny

Destiny was a huge project even before the final game was made available to the fans. And since its release, Bungie has climbed to the top of the charts as one of the top developers with one of the best games from 2014. Only recently did the game received its much-talked-about House of Wolves DLC.

But apart from all the hoopla surrounding the new DLC, Destiny has also provided us with several Weekly Heroic Strikes, Daily Heroic Strikes and even the very challenging Weekly Nightfall Strike, making sure all the Guardians have quite a bit to shout about, week after week.

Sure the different weekly strikes for the game are something that makes most of the noise, but there are several other in-game activities that you can take up to gear up your Guardian as fast and powerfully as possible. One of those activities involves finding all the Gold Chests in the game.

And if you are having trouble locating the Gold Chests in the game (not necessarily only for House of Wolves), here's a guide on how to locate all the 20 Gold Chests in Destiny.

Gold Chests Locations – Moon

  • Temple of Crota: To find the first gold chest on the Moon, enter the temple and drop down to the lowest floor. Take the door on your right and move towards the Hive Temple. Cross a bridge and into the ship, and continue on the right side until you hit the end of the ramp. Look down and you will see the chest.
  • Archer's Line into Hellmouth: Make your way along the route from Archer's Line until you reach Hellmouth. You should locate a sort of rock structure on your left side before reaching the bridge. Check on the backside of the structure to find the next chest.
  • Into Hall of Wisdom: The next chest in line will be located by climbing the hill across Archer's Line. Move through the dome, taking the road to Hive Fortress. Now jump down to the bottom of the cave and the Gold Chest should be sitting in a water body on your right.
  • The World's Grave: Complete 'The World's Grave' to find the next Gold Chest. On reaching the last room, drop into the water and the chest should be tucked safely along the serrated wall.
  • The Summoning Pit – Moon Strike: The last chest on the moon can only be obtained during the Summoning Pit strike, where you face off against the giant Ogre. After the Ogre falls, drop down to the lower platform behind the Ogre. The chest should be placed between the two staircases on your way.

Gold Chests Locations – Earth

  • Dock 13: You will find the first chest in the story mission called Restoration. After landing on Earth, look to your right and enter the nearby building. The Gold chest should be placed in the next room, placed on top of a desk.
  • Forgotten Shore: The next Gold Chest can be picked up below the Terrestrial Complex at the base of the Forgotten Shore cliff. Just follow the river to the west and stick to the coastline to find the chest.
  • Into Mothyards: The third chest can be found if you take the path that connects the Forgotten Shore to the Mothyards. While moving, look for a cave with a sort of waterfall on your right side. You will find the chest inside.
  • Lunar Complex: This Gold Chest is located in the same area where you faced off against the Hive Wizard during The Dark Within. Jump onto some crates and search behind them to find the chest.
  • Devil's Lair: This last chest here can be found only after completing the Devil's Lair Strike. It's located underneath the right platform.

Gold Chests Locations – Venus

  • Into Ishtar Academy: To find the first Gold Chest on Venus, drop through a hole in the Shattered Coast. Just take the tunnel towards the Ishtar Academy until you reach a bend. If you look back toward the way you just took to reach the place, you will find the chest beside a support pillar.
  • Campus 9: To find this chest, enter Campus 9 from the Walking Ruins. Look for a building that sits next to a waterfall, and head to the other side of it to find the Gold Chest.
  • N/Gen Branch: For the third Gold Chest, enter the N/Gen Branch from Ishtar Commons. Head to the right and into a small building with cubicles. Search the cubicles to find the chest.
  • Winter's Lair: To find this chest, follow the trail around the outside of the large cave until you arrive at the overlook. Move along the narrow pole and jump to the Gold Chest placed on a ledge to your right.
  • Cinders: For the final GOLD Chest on Venus, you will have to fight your way onto the ketch while in the Cinders. At the end of the road, drop down onto a slightly lower ledge where you'll find the chest.

Gold Chests Locations – Mars

  • Barrens: For the first chest on Mars, look for the Cabal outpost that is near the Scablands. You can reach this area from the Barrens landing zone. When you arrive, the GOLD Chest will be sitting on top of some crates.
  • Hollows: The next Gold Chest can be found when travelling from the Barrens to the Hollows via a tunnel. Look for an opening just before you reach the downtown area. Jump into the hole and you'll find the chest on your right.
  • Dust Palace: For the third Gold Chest on Mars, you will find it during the Dust Palace Strike, inside the Dust Palace where the first door is open. Look for a door with the number three on it, and behind the desk will be the chest.
  • Legion's Keep: To find the next chest, you will need to be inside the Iron Line. There will be the gate that takes you to the Legion's Keep. Move along the left walkway and jump onto some pipes in the corner. From there, jump up to another walkway on the left side and follow it to the Golden Chest.
  • Tharsis Junction: The final Gold Chest of Mars can be found in the subway at Tharsis Junction. You will need to look for a Vex gate in the corner and behind the train. If you locate a small room, go inside and through the fence in the far corner. Follow the path laid out to find the chest.

[Source: Prima Games]