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Destiny's recently-released House of Wolves DLC is something we can't get enough of. Although our excitement increased after Bungie announced the next Taken King DLC for the game, players stuck to the House of Wolves game.

Now, there are a few doubts about House of Wolves' story missions, and how each of them connects to the other in terms of linking the incidents. For the second bit of House of Wolves' story missions, know that it's a two-parter and has to be approached accordingly.

And if you are indeed looking to get through with this part of the story mission for House of Wolves, here's a quick guide on how to approach it and beat it like a pro.

House of Wolves: How to Beat Silent Fang

  • This part of the story mission is from the Gone to Ground quest that players will receive once they complete A Kell Rising. It can be obtained from Petra Venj on the Reef.
  • The first part of the mission will require you to loot Fallen Vandals, Wanted Fallen, or Fallen Chests on Venus for Fallen Shiplinks. This takes just a few minutes, following which you carry on with the story mission.
  • From here, head over to Venus and choose the option to patrol. This means that when you arrive, hop on to your Sparrow and make a right turn. From there, you should come to a desolate road, where some Fallen enemies are camping.
  • Kill these Fallen enemies and collect any Fallen Shiplinks that they might drop. You will need 100 in total, although each one of the drop should be worth four. That means you really need 25.
  • Once the area is clear, move forward and turn right. On turning right, you should notice additional Fallen enemies near some ruins by a cliff. Kill them, pick up any dropped Fallen Shiplinks and move back to the area you were in the beginning.
  • Now return to The Reef and speak with Variks, the Loyal, and head back to Petra Venj who will then provide you with an update on the Gone to Ground quest. Following this, you should be able to travel to Earth and select The Silent Fang.
  • Note that on starting off with The Silent Fang, you will indeed face some opposition, although most them are light and can be easily be taken care of. You could either take out the Shanks or avoid any confrontation with them, and move along the objective markers.
  • Be careful as you move forward, since you don't want to run into any of the trip mines that can be seen sticking out of the walls. They are easy to spot, and shooting them at their base should remove them.
  • Following this, there will be a couple of Elder Vandals waiting to confront you. Take them out and follow the path that leads through the corridor.
  • Most of the missions here will throw trap-laden pathways at you to master, apart from all the Fallen enemies that you will face, so it's almost imperative that you take your time and follow the path that leads to the marker.
  • There will be Fallen enemies such as Tracer Shanks, Dregs, Elder Vandals, and more in your way. Eliminate them on the move, while also taking care of the traps. You just follow a single road until you hit upon the same area that you were at the start.

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[Source: Prima Games]