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Are you finding it hard to tackle Destiny's recently releases House of Wolves' DLC and all the missions included in it? Well, chances are that not all of it will be alien to you, since you have already played the original game.

However, questions have been raised about the Queen's Ransom mission that was made available with the DLC.

So, if you are really wondering how to approach and beat the Queen's Ransom mission, here are a few tips that will guide you. 

  • After travelling to Venus, you will need to summon your Sparrow and use it to make it from your first objective marker to the next. During this time, you can ignore the random enemies that will spawn around you.
  • Once you reach the location, move through The Citadel and enter The Juncture. Once there, you will see Vex and Fallen doing battle. Here, you can either watch them fight it out or put them down and continue along the path and up the stairs.
  • Now you'll come to an area where you find Vechron, the Spire Lord. Move up the stairs while dealing with him and any of the minions that might challenge you.
  • After you have killed everyone, remember to loot the area before you leave. Once that is done, head to the lift; the controls to the lift will be to your right (you will need to override them). Do so, then jump into the lift and take the ride up.
  • From here, the mission becomes some kind of a puzzle. The area requires you to time your jumps from one platform to the next. You just need to wait for the platform closest to you to appear and then jump on to it.
  • Note that as long as you keep jumping on to the platforms that appear in front of you while maintaining the timing, you should be good. It isn't that big a challenge, a little patience will do the trick for you.
  • From there you'll eventually reach a bridge that winds around. Start working your way up the bridge and through the enemies in front of you. Maintain cover while you make your way up the stairs, shielding yourself from enemy fire.
  • While you are moving through the enemies in the stairway, make sure you keep the Vestian Dynasty Side Arm, which was given earlier to you in the DLC, close to you. Remember that it can be upgraded to inflict additional damage on Fallen enemies.
  • Eventually, as a Guardian, you will have to deal with Skolas, the Kell of Kells, and he's quite the unforgiving bloke. He'll even bring alongside him a boatload of his Fallen friends, needing you to handle them simultaneously while causing damage to the boss.
  • You can use the Vestian Dynasty to rid yourself of the supporting Fallen, while taking care of Skolas with your Heavy Weapon. You will want to knock his health down as much as possible here.
  • Make sure you are always on the move for this mission since the enemies are going to approach you in huge numbers. The fight isn't that hard to take up as you choose whichever Class and Subclass you want and best suits your play style.
  • The moment Skolas falls, the mission will be deemed completed and you will head back to The Reef.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]