Bungie's Destiny was already a big deal the moment it was officially released. While the game is actually few of the ones in the industry that actually lived up to the hype, the title's worth was doubled the moment Bungie pushed out its last biggest DLC – The House of Wolves.

With the release of The House of Wolves DLC for the game, Bungie has made a number of changes to its Class and Subclass configurations for the game. The DLC successfully implemented a number of changes to the Classes like the Titan and Hunter, apart from putting in new features to buff up the overall experience.

But with the new changes, there might come several difficulties for gamers trying to deduce the Classes and Subclasses once more, as far as stuff like Prison of Elders and bounties are concerned. And if that is so, here's a guide to the Titan class and Subclass to help you play like a pro.

Destiny Tips – Titan Class and Subclass Guide

Titan Class – Defender Subclass

  • As far as the Defender Subclass is concerned, know that Ward of Dawn will give you an edge over your opponents in some of the Prison of Elders fights.
  • The Ward of Dawn will not only help you and your team survive the odds, but it can also provide you with some notable buffs that will help you in taking down your opponents.
  • Playing the Defender Subclass, know that your primary objectives are to protect the team, generate as much light as possible, aside increasing the amount of damage while the Ward of Dawn still remains active.
  • Apart from that, note that if you are wearing the Helm of Saint-14 Exotic Helmet, any enemy that walks into your Ward of Dawn will be blinded. This is useful in some of the Prison of Elders, where an opposition might overrun you.
  • There are several configurations that you can follow with the Defender Subclass. However, keep in mind that the Magnetic Grenade will turn out to be your best friend if you can utilise it properly.
  • But there's no compulsion as such that you absolutely have to use the Magnetic Grenade. In fact, you can swap it anything that you'd personally prefer. The same is the deal with the Lift where you may or may not make use of the Height factor.
  • Fans should also make most of the Gift of Light option, which is actually quite amazing since it can generate an Orb of Light for every melee kill you score while the Force Barrier is still active.
  • You can also use the Bastion modifier, as it will offer longer use out of the Ward of Dawn. This will be a good deal for several Guardians wanting to take down a boss down in a hurry.

Titan Class – Striker Subclass

  • Compared to the Defender Subclass for Destiny's Titan Class, the Striker Subclass is definitely a more offensive choice for players. And this is more so due to the Fist of Havoc Super Ability which is quite fun to use.
  • Using the Fist of Havoc Super Ability is almost similar to the time in The Dark Below DLC story mission where a Guardian takes initiative and destroys the Hive. So if you would like to give it a shot one more time, try out the Striker Subclass in the Titan Class.
  • With the Striker Subclass, it's all about dealing as much damage as you possibly can up close. For that, the Storm Fist is a powerful melee option in your arsenal that you can use. In fact, you can even mix it with Amplify to reduce the cool down of Fist of Havoc.

There you have it. That's the Titan Class and Subclass detailed for you. However, if you are looking for a guide on how to tackle the Hunter Class and Subclass in Destiny's Prison of Elders, you can head over here.

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[Source: Prima Games]