Destiny's House of Wolves DLC is officially out
Destiny's House of Wolves DLC is officially outYouTube

Bungie's Destiny is currently gearing up for its third major expansion pack in the form of The Taken King. However, for the time being, fans are hooked on to the previously released House of Wolves DLC that introduces fans to the Reef and stuff such as Prison of Elders.

As part of the House of Wolves DLC, players will later be required to find and kill the Queenbreaker Captain who can be found on Docks-13 on Earth. To be honest, this is probably the easiest Queen's Wrath Bounties in all of Destiny, and here's a guide to complete the mission like a pro.

Destiny House of Wolves Guide: Kill the Queenbreaker Captain

  • To begin, you have to visit The Reef and speak to Petra Venj, who will give you the Bounty. However, if she doesn't currently have it in her stock, you'll have to wait until her weekly reset on Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST.
  • Head over to Orbit and choose the Patrol option on Earth. Selecting this will deliver you to The Steppes. This will be quite a short trip, so you might think about whether or not to use the Sparrow.
  • From the starting location, turn around and head into the building that will be guarded by a few Dregs and perhaps some Vandals.
  • Just pass through the several rooms until you go down some stairs. At this point you should see more Fallen enemies sitting just outside. Note that the Queenbreaker Captain will be with them – a bit off to the right when you go through the door.
  • This is a part where you will need to think hard and strategise before you can engage the enemy. These enemies come with high enough levels, and if you get into a melee battle, you might end up dead.
  • To play effectively, just grab their attention, and then back up into the room just before the Queenbreaker Captain. Your enemies will chase you in there, allowing you to engage them with minimal risk.
  • From there, the Queenbreaker Captain will retreat to where they were first located, requiring you to play a game of cat and mouse to make them come after you.
  • Use of Heavy Ammo, Grenade, and even Super Ability is recommended. All you need to do is keep safe, while dealing damage to your enemies.
  • If you are successful, the Queenbreaker Captain will fall, and you'll get a notification that the Bounty has now been completed, although don't expect notifications for the Either Key. The only reward involved here is what you get when you return to Petra Venj.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

[Source: Prima Games]