Bungie is no stranger to success and popularity. When the company initially burst into the scene, it was with the first-ever Halo title: Halo: Combat Evolved. Even after so many years, fans still consider Bungie as one of the hotshots in the industry and more so now with the widely-popular Destiny.

While Destiny is anyway one of the best games to have been released in recent times, its value was increased tenfold with the release of the House of Wolves DLC. The new DLC, which will soon be succeeded by the Taken King DLC, introduced a number of new weapons, exotics and, most importantly, The Reef.

Talking about Destiny's House of Wolves exotics, there's a massively powerful sidearm that's on offer called Dreg's Promise. This sidearm can be fitted into the Special Weapon slot in Destiny, and here's how you can obtain it without much hassle.

Destiny Guide: How to Get Dreg's Promise Sidearm

  • The Dreg's Promise sidearm can only be earned after you are randomly handed over the Elder Cipher Exotic Bounty by competing in the level 34 or 35 Prison of Elders.
  • While it may seem tough to get even after you have beaten the level 34 boss, but the sidearm can be easily obtained after beating the level 35 boss. However, if you don't get it on your first attempt, try selecting another character and run the activity again.
  • As far as the Elder Cipher Exotic Bounty is concerned, note that it will be given out immediately after you kill the boss, and won't be found in the Treasure Room like most other rewards that you come across in the game.
  • Apart from that, you will also need to keep in mind that you need to save enough space for the Bounty in your inventory, since it won't be sent to the Postmaster if you miss out. At least one slot for Bounties will be open when you are competing in the Prison of Elders.
  • Once you have received the bounty, head to The Reef and speak to Variks. There, you'll have to choose a weapon, but don't worry if you didn't choose the right one since you can always revert back to something else anytime you want.
  • From there, return to the Prison of Elders and play on level 32, 34 or 35. When you're done, you'll have already obtained a Treasure Key to open the big chest in the middle, which should give you the Queen's Cipher.
  • Note that this is a random drop, so you may have to play through the Prison of Elders more number of times until you finally locate it. Reports in the past have suggested that most Guardians come across it by their third run.
  • Once that's out of the way, get back to The Reef and speak with Variks one more time. Here Variks will tell you to wait. Note that the waiting period alters based on the player, and some of you could also have to wait for more than two days for any news from him about the Bounty. However, when he is ready, Variks will inform you that you will need to earn 1,000 points in the Prison of Elders.
  • To acquire the desired points, you'll have to play through the Prison of Elders a few more times. This part of the playthrough is all about the bosses, and there's a huge probability of you earning extra points if there is more than one boss to fight.
  • After that, make your way back to The Reef and speak with Variks again. This time, though, he will allow you to choose your weapon, and you can select Dreg's Promise out of the catalogue.

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[Source: Prima Games]