When Bungie first burst into the videogame scene, it was for the first-ever Halo – Halo: Combat Evolved. Fast forward to 2014, and Bungie was booming on the scene again with Destiny. Ever since its final release, Destiny has been an instant crowd favourite and its fame has only amplified by the release of the House of Wolves DLC.

The House of Wolves DLC for Destiny builds upon the success of the original game, as well as the previously released The Dark Beyond DLC. However, the House of Wolves comes with its own speciality, apart from providing a perfect platform for the upcoming The Taken King DLC.

There's a lot to see and do in House of Wolves, not to mention the increased number of weapons and exotic offers. For the time being, we are looking at how to get the Elder Cipher Exotic Bounty and complete it in order to unlock the Queenbreaker's Bow.

Here are some tips to get the Queenbreaker's Bow Fusion Rifle easily.

Destiny House of Wolves – How to Get Queenbreaker's Bow Fusion Rifle

  • In order to procure the Queenbreaker's Bow Fusion Rifle, players will first need to access the Elder Cipher Exotic Bounty. This can be done by killing the final boss in level 34 and level 35 in the Prison of Elders mode.
  • Again, there isn't any guarantee that killing the final boss in level 34 and level 35 in the Prison of Elders mode will get you the rifle. However, the rifle is generally known to drop on level 35. But in case you don't, keep trying until you finally land the weapon.
  • Players looking for the rifle should know that they will need to have an open slot for the bounty, since it drops right after the player kills the boss and not from the Treasure Room.
  • Once the Elder Cipher Exotic Bounty has been obtained, the players will need to head back to The Reef and speak with Variks. He will then give them a choice between the Lord of Wolves, Dreg's Promise, or Queenbreaker's Bow.
  • Players can choose any option at that point, since they'll anyway get a chance to change their minds later on. For the time being though, we are looking at how to get the Queenbreaker's Bow.
  • Players will need to go back to the Prison of Elders and play it on either level 32, level 34 or level 35. This time, players will also require a Treasure Key as the Queen's Cipher can only be found in the big chest in the Treasure Room.
  • Again, there isn't any guarantee that the player will absolutely find it. If not, players will have to try another Prison of Elders on a different difficulty setting.
  • Once that is out of the way, players will need to head back to The Reef and speak to Variks again. Here, he will tell them to wait, and note that this can take some time. It might even be a couple of days before he has a notification above his head, indicating that the player needs to speak to him.
  • This waiting period varies from player to player, and players will need to wait patiently until they are summoned by Variks. Variks will tell the players that the only way to get through the Elder Cipher is by defeating enemies in the Prison of Elders. The player will need a total of 1,000 point to accomplish it. 
  • To achieve the points, players will need to run through the Prison of Elders several more times. The best thing here is that players don't need a Treasure Key but just a sort of modified XP that players are needed to earn.
  • Players will also get points for the boss that they fight in Round 4 of Prison of Elders on 35, which should help in accumulating the desired amount of points. Once done, the player can head back to the Reef and claim the Queenbreaker's Bow.

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[Source: Prima Games]