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After two major Twitch live stream reveals via Bungie and a number of high-profile leaks online, the majorly-anticipated House of Wolves DLC for Destiny is now out. The new DLC has not only arrived with the Reef's Vestian Outpost (the new social space for Guardians to hang out), it also brings three new vendors, new guns, shaders, and more.

While a lot has been said and written about the new DLC pack for the game, there are a number of things that you can still find out as far as in-game collectibles are concerned. While the original game offered around 20 Gold Chests and 62 different Dead Ghosts, the new DLC pack itself comes with nine new Dead Ghosts for fans to find out.

However, problem lies in the fact that these Dead Ghosts aren't easy to find, and it can take up quite a bit of your time (not that we are complaining) before you come across them.

But if you are really up for the challenge, here's a guide to find all the nine new Dead Ghosts that have arrived with the House of Wolves DLC.

Find Dead Ghosts in Venus

  • When in the Queen's Ransom mission, just move on to the jump pad. When you reach the top of the location, turn around and move to the periphery of the platform. Now jump to the stage directly ahead and you'll find the Ghost around the back.
  • For the second Ghost, however, it's actually located in the same area as the first. You will need to explore a bit until you hit upon a sort of central platform, where you should find a few vanishing objects just in front of you. Jump across and walk around to the back and you should find the next Ghost in a dark corner.
  • The next Ghost to find in the mission will be located a bit further from your position. You will need to travel far right until you hit upon a flag. The Ghost should be located just beyond the flag.

Find Dead Ghosts in Cosmodrome, Earth

  • To find the Ghosts in the area, just head over to the Cosmodrome during the Silent Fang mission. This will take you to the place where Destiny first started, and you should see all the rusted vehicles. When you exit the tunnels, immediately turn around and jump on to the platform. Keep moving towards the right and look through the shattered window and you should be able to locate the Ghost.
  • Next, move along the lines towards the Ruling House mission. When you reach the end, you should be in an area with some Russian text on the walls. Just pan your viewing camera upward and you should see a battered wall. Move into this area, head right and you shall have your Ghost.
  • The next major Ghost to find in the Ruling House mission will be in the final area. When you reach the end of the area, you should come across a sphere and a sort of structure in the center of the room. The Ghost should be on top, and you will need to do quite a bit of jumping before you can reach it.

Find Dead Ghosts in Queen's Bay, the Reef

  • You should find your first Dead Ghost in the area by heading over to Brother Vance (Trials of Osiris) and walk past him towards the wall that stands perpendicular to his location. Move to the ledge on this wall (closer to Brother Vance) to find the Ghost. On reaching the wall, just turn right and go down until you move toward the ledge.
  • For the second Ghost in the area, just walk up to Variks (during Prison of Elders) and move to the right. You'll see an object covered with a blue tarp, with another object on top of it. Jump onto this object, then look to the left while moving onto Varik's hut. You'll find the Ghost on the roof.
  • For the final Ghost, you will find him underneath the main area. Move to the main platform and place your Guardian in such a way that he or she is just directly above the platform. From there on, just slide down on to it and you should find the final Ghost.

[Source: Prima Games]