Destiny was released on 9 September, 2014.Facebook

A leak surfaced online claimed that Bungie will be releasing House of Wolves DLC for Destiny in May 2015. This leak was refuted by the company saying it was just part of the "pre-launch database."

"Bungie has yet to reveal the House of Wolves. That means that anything you know about it can change," said a post from Bungie.

Bungie posted on its official website saying that such "leaks are fun" and that the leaked images were real. It further warned people not to let them think it could be part of the House of Wolves DLC as these images were part of their "pre-launch database" and subject to change, reported PlayStation Lifestyle.

The leaked image had said that the House of Wolves DLC will be rolling out on 19 May, and there was a similar leak in January that suggested that the DLC will be releasing in March.

The leaked images were posted by a Redditor, megamanexe4, who managed to access the House of Wolves DLC content. He also said the level cap in the game will increase to 39 (the current level cap is 32) with a certain DLC gear and some of the weekly activities will also be helping players to increase the capped levels.

The images are form the Japanese version of Destiny and due to the translations that many fans had to do there were some mistranslations too.

The intro from the description reveals some House of Wolves content (Attack of the Fanboy):

  • New Awoken storyline plus an exclusive Raid
  • 3 new Crucible maps and new Fallen Strike
  • Hundreds of new weapons, armour and gear

The leaked content does mention the word "hundreds" in front of weapons and armours. This will be sweet to hear if it's a reality and for players since many thought that Bungie released far too less new weapons, armour and gear when it released The Dark Below DLC.

The leaks also reveal that the company could be experimenting on varied stats instead of just increasing the base damage.

Bungie Isolates Irritating Bug

Meanwhile, Bungie has been able to isolate one of the bugs that troubled Destiny players. We know that the heavy weapon ammo is one of the scare items in the game and it has its share of bugs.

The company said that players will be able to get the ammo either from occasional drops from fallen enemies in large purple boxes or they can buy it in a bulk at the Gunsmith.

Bungie has even given out reasons why players lose their heavy weapon ammos, the reason given out were - in-game death, returning to orbit or encountering a cut-scene. However, the company was able to find the bug and reportedly isolated it, said IBTimes Australia.

"The bug occurred because the weapon is created before capacity modifiers from armour perks are applied, so the persisted fraction yields fewer rounds," said John Cable, engineer at Bungie in a blog post.

However, since the fix to the bug takes time, it is expected that the company might release one in February 2015.

Loot Cave - Collect Glimmer and Engrams

Redditor Pure Human Kill has discovered a loot cave that is located in Venus zone where players will be able to collect glimmer and engrams in Destiny.

Check out the video below, that shows how killing the spawning enemies, the engrams drop in.

(YouTube Courtesy: Pure Human Kill)