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Destiny's upcoming House of Wolves DLC is almost upon us. Every week we are treated to a host of details about the expansion.

Two different Twitch live stream reveals have already shed quite the light on the expansion. However, it is the regular data-miners, who have dug deep and revealed stuffs not meant to come out before the release.

As of recently, nearly every piece of Standard, Exotic and Legendary equipment for the upcoming Destiny Expansion were collected and listed. The list is almost complete, barring a few other items that will be revealed as soon as the expansion goes live.

If you check out the list (see below), you will notice that as many as five new Exotic Weapons are inbound with the DLC that you can use to advantage – the 347 Vesta Dynasty, the Fate of All Fools, the Queenbreakers' Bow, the Dreg's Promise and the Lord of Wolves. The list also includes weapons and armours such as the Astral Horizon Shotgun and Prison of Elders Armours Sets.

Check out the full list of Legendary and Exotic Gears inbound for House of Wolves below:

Exotic Weapons


  • 347 Vesta Dynasty
  • Fate of All Fools


  • Queenbreakers' Bow
  • Dreg's Promise
  • Lord of Wolves

Exotic Armor


  • Celestial Nighthawk Gunslinger Helmet Golden Gun fires ONE shot, 6x damage + Keyhole.
  • Khepri's Sting Neutral Gauntlets Gain invisibility after short crouch. (Like Stalker perk.) Melee from behind while invisible deals 4x damage.
  • Bones of Eao


  • Eternal Warrior Striker Helmet
  • ACD/0 Feedback Fence Neutral
  • Peregrine Greaves


  • The Ram
  • Nothing Manacles
  • Purifier Robes

Legendary Weapons

Prison of Elders

  • Wolfslayer's Claw
  • Six Dreg Pride
  • Wolves' Leash
  • Aegis of the Kell
  • Vestian Dynasty
  • Wolfborne OathVery close to Swordbreaker.
  • Shadow of Veils
  • Servant of Aksor
  • Chains of Orbiks-Fel
  • The Last Rebellion

Trials of Osiris

  • The Summoner
  • Jewel of Osiris
  • The Scholar
  • Astral Horizon
  • Eye of Sol Sniper
  • Exile's Curse
  • The Infinite
  • Tomorrow's Answer

Queen's Wrath

  • Her Right
  • Her Mercy
  • Hygiea Noblesse
  • Payment VI
  • Her Courtesy
  • Her Benevolence
  • Techeun Force
  • Wolves' Bane
  • The Dreamwaker

Factions Weapon

  • Deadshot Luna SR1
  • Rude Awakening DOA
  • Arma Engine DOA
  • Vindicator XI
  • Violator XII
  • Pacifier X
  • The Fulcrum
  • The Frenzy
  • The Fear

Faction Weapons – Remakes

  • Unwilling Soul-09
  • Final Rest II
  • Exodus Plan RS/1
  • Red Hand IX
  • Judgment VI
  • Admonisher III
  • The Conduit
  • The Chosen
  • The Culling


  • Pest Control Matrix
  • Amplified Geo-D6
  • GIVE/Take Equation
  • Sawtooth Oscillator

Not yet categorized

  • First Rule DHYB
  • AR760 Truth Serum
  • Dispatch I11
  • Low Down P-XIV
  • The Revelator
  • Ill Will
  • Loner.Rebel
  • Up the Ante
  • NL Shadow 701X
  • NA3D1 Salvation State
  • High Road Soldier
  • One/One Synesthete
  • Zero Point LOTP
  • Hopscotch Pilgrim
  • KAU8 Constellation Scar
  • Spare Change.25
  • 55A-allFATE
  • Matador 64
  • Party Crasher +1
  • Dry Rot 32
  • Hard Luck Charm
  • Low-Grade Humility
  • 20/20 AMR7
  • Subtle Nudge DN7
  • Split Shifter Pro
  • Snakebite Surgeon
  • Unending Deluge III
  • BTRD-345 Machine Gun
  • Backscratcher 9.0
  • Pax Totalus EPR8
  • Uppercut Payload
  • Wastelander V2V
  • The Ash Factory

Legendary Armor

  • Hunter: Kellhunter's Sight, Titan: Kellslayer's Helm ,Warlock: Kellbreaker's Mind
  • Hunter: Kellhunter's Rally , Titan: Kellslayer's Grips ,Warlock: Kellbreaker's Gloves
  • Hunter: Kellhunter's Blood , Titan: Kellslayer's Cuirass ,Warlock: Kellbreaker's Cloak
  • Hunter: Kellhunter's Path , Titan: Kellslayer's Greaves ,Warlock: Kellbreaker's Path
  • Hunter: Kellhunter's Hood , Titan: Mark of a Kellslayer ,Warlock: Dread's Enmity

Trials of Osiris – "Watchers'" Set

  • Hunter: Watchers' Grips, Titan: Watchers' Gauntlets ,Warlock: Watchers' Gloves
  • Hunter: Watchers' Vest, Titan: Watchers' Plate ,Warlock: Watchers' Robe
  • Hunter: Watchers' Boots, Titan: Watchers' Greaves ,Warlock: Watchers' Boots

Trials of Osiris – "of the Exile" Set

  • Hunter: Cover of the Exile, Titan: Helm of the Exile, Warlock: Hood of the Exile
  • Hunter: Grips of the Exile, Titan: Gauntlets of the Exile, Warlock: Gloves of the Exile
  • Hunter: Vest of the Exile, Titan: Plate of the Exile, Warlock: Robe of the Exile
  • Hunter: Boots of the Exile, Titan: Greaves of the Exile, Warlock: Legs of the Exile
  • Hunter: Cloak of the Exile, Titan: Mark of the Exile, Warlock: Bond of the Exile

Queen's Guard

  • Hunter: Queen's Guard Mask, Titan: Queen's Guard Helm , Warlock: Queen's Guard Hood
  • Hunter: Queen's Guard Grips, Titan: Queen's Guard Gauntlets , Warlock: Queen's Guard Gloves
  • Hunter: Queen's Guard Vest, Titan: Queen's Guard Plate , Warlock: Queen's Guard Robes
  • Hunter: Queen's Guard Boots, Titan: Queen's Guard Greaves , Warlock: Queen's Guard Boots
  • Hunter: Cloak of the Sixth Reign, Titan: Mark of the Queen's Guard , Warlock: Bond of the Queen's Guard

Iron Banner – "Iron Breed" Set

  • Hunter: Iron Breed Mask , Titan: Iron Breed Great Helm , Warlock: Iron Breed Hood
  • Hunter: Iron Breed Sleeves , Titan: Iron Breed Gauntlets , Warlock: Iron Breed Gloves
  • Hunter: Iron Breed Vest , Titan: Iron Breed Plate , Warlock: Iron Breed Vestments
  • Hunter: Iron Breed Boots , Titan: Iron Breed Greaves , Warlock: Iron Breed Boots
  • Hunter: Mantle of Perun Silimar's , Titan: Iron Sash , Warlock: Felwinter's Iron Bond

Faction Armor

Dead Orbit – "Dead Light" Set

  • Hunter Titan Warlock
  • Hunter: Dead Light Cover , Titan: Dead Light Helm , Warlock: Dead Light Hood
  • Hunter: Dead Light Grips , Titan: Dead Light Gauntlets , Warlock: Dead Light Grips
  • Hunter: Dead Light Vest , Titan: Dead Light Plate , Warlock: Dead Light Wrap
  • Hunter: Dead Light Boots , Titan: Dead Light Greaves , Warlock: Dead Light Greaves
  • Hunter: Dead Light Cloak , Titan: Dead Light Mark , Warlock: Ritual Expansion

New Monarchy – "Elector's" Set

  • Hunter Titan Warlock
  • Hunter: Elector's Mask , Titan: Elector's Casque , Warlock: Elector's Hood
  • Hunter: Elector's Grip , Titan: Elector's Gauntlets , Warlock: Elector's Gloves
  • Hunter: Elector's Heart , Titan: Elector's Heart , Warlock: Elector's Robe
  • Hunter: Elector's Boots , Titan: Elector's Greaves , Warlock: Elector's Boots
  • Hunter: Cloak of Repair , Titan: Mark of the Initiative , Warlock: Faceless Demise

Future War Cult – "Immanent War" Set

  • Hunter Titan Warlock
  • Hunter: Mask of Immanent War , Titan: Immanent War Helm , Warlock: Immanent War Hood
  • Hunter: Immanent War Grips , Titan: Immanent War Gauntlets , Warlock: Immanent War Gloves
  • Hunter: Immanent War Vest , Titan: Immanent War Plate , Warlock: Immanent War Robes
  • Hunter: Immanent War Boots , Titan: Immanent War Greaves , Warlock: Immanent War Legs
  • Hunter: Cloak of Immanent War , Titan: Immanent War Mark , Warlock: Immanent War

Class Items

  • Titan Marks: Warlock Bonds:
  • Hunter Cloaks:Wolves' Cloak ,Titan Marks:Mark of the Wolves ,Warlock Bonds:House of Wolves
  • Hunter Cloaks:Devils' Cloak ,Titan Marks:Mark of the Devils ,Warlock Bonds:House of Devils
  • Hunter Cloaks:Kings' Cloak ,Titan Marks:Mark of the Kings ,Warlock Bonds:House of Kings
  • Hunter Cloaks:Wetwork Cloak ,Titan Marks:Mark of Favor ,Warlock Bonds:Metastability Event
  • Hunter Cloaks:Fixer Cloak ,Titan Marks:Formation Mark ,Warlock Bonds:No Footprints
  • Hunter Cloaks:Competitor ,Titan Marks:Match Mark of the Dauntless ,Warlock Bonds:Wearable Collider
  • Hunter Cloaks:Melting Point ,Titan Marks:Holborn's Host ,Warlock Bonds:Mark The Conflagration

Armor Sets

  • Hunter Titan Warlock
  • Hunter : "Sanction Custom", Titan: "Commando Custom", Warlock: "Apex Harmonic"
  • Hunter : "Sanction Six" , Titan: "Commando Type 0″ , Warlock:"Extropy Morph"
  • Hunter : "Carnivore Match", Titan: "Spearhead Type 0″ , Warlock:"Talion Grace"
  • Hunter : "Fear Eater", Titan: "Ursus Tactical" , Warlock:"Unity Clade"

8x Ships

  • Wolf Hunter BKR
  • Coldsnap BKR
  • Kingslayer BKR
  • Devils' Due BKR
  • Ceres Galliot
  • Hildian Seeker
  • Sun Current
  • Draught of Nectar

2x Shaders

  • Fortuna Burn
  • The Queen's Web

1x Consumable

  • Treasure Key

2x Packages

  • Judgment's Grant
  • Judgment's Honor

Destiny's House of Wolves DLC is currently set for a 19 May release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

[Source: Gamingbolt]