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Destiny's upcoming House of Wolves DLC isn't far away. With as many as two Twitch live streaming events to showcase all that's on offer with the upcoming DLC already complete, we are expecting even more details to come out for the DLC – official or otherwise.

Now, as it seems, a host of screenshots detailing the kind of overhauled weapons, we will see for all the factions, with the DLC in place, have now made their way online. These new House of Wolves expansion weapons sport fresh paint jobs and body work, and will excite any existing Destiny fan waiting for House of Wolves.

As far as the weapons are concerned, there is the New Monarchy weapons that you should take note of. For New Monarchy, you will now come across the Violator XII Sniper Rifle, followed by the Pacifier X Machine Gun and then the Vindicator XI Auto Rifle. All three aforementioned weapons will sport a vibrant red paint scheme with white detailing on top.

There's also the new Vanguard Pulse Rifle with the title 55A-ALLFATE. The rifle has a grey on charcoal black colour scheme with white and burned level details. Also coming with the DLC are DEAD ORBIT Scout Rifle and Shotgun called DEADSHOT LUNA SR1 and RUDE AWAKENING DOA, respectively. Both of them sport an urban camouflage colour combination of grey-on-grey.

Apart from that, there's THE FULCRUM, "a personal firearm, augmented, named and sanctified by the leader of the Future War Cult." FULCRUM is a Hand Cannon comes in powder blue and has FWC detailed on top of it in white. There's also THE FEAR, which is a Rocket Launcher that looks quite bulky, and it too comes with the FWC mark on it, although with a darker shade of blue.

You will also come across THE FRENZY, which is a short-body Fusion Rifle that once again details FWC in white on a blue frame. There's also a crucible weapon called the ZERO POINT LOTP, introduced in the Scout Rifle range of weapons. And although the weapon may look flimsy, it can still pack a punch.

You can check out the full list of weapons arriving with the House of Wolves DLC for Destiny here. The House of Wolves DLC is currently set for release on 19 May.

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