The upcoming The Taken King DLC for Destiny will be the third big DLC release for the game, following the likes of The Dark Below and House of Wolves. While the DLC will provide a much-needed (still debatable) overhaul to the game, it is to be remembered that (from Bungie's point of view) it wasn't an easy task.

As we have mentioned earlier, with The Taken King DLC, major overhauls to the game is on the cards. This includes the in-game loot system, getting rid of a number of frustrating points in the game (the RNG nature of it) and how vendors will work now. And for the moment, we are concerned about the vendor bit of it.

And if you are wondering about the kind of impact the in-game vendors will have in the upcoming DLC, here's a closer look at the role of vendors in The Taken King:

Destiny: The Taken King DLC – Vendors

  • If you can remember correctly, when Destiny first came into the circuit, there were a host of vendors who populated the Tower -- the game's social space.
  • These vendors included Faction vendors, Crucible vendors, Vanguard vendors, the Cryptarch, Gunsmith and a few others. However, not all vendors traded stuff that made much of a difference to many of the Guardians in the game.
  • The ones that relied on the reputation system -- Factions, Vanguard, Cryptarch and more -- always had the option to offer something with each increase in the player's rank. However, everything depended on luck and, more often than not, the players were treated to stuff that they never really needed all that after-hours of grinding in the game.
  • With the upcoming The Taken King DLC, it seems like things will finally be shaken up a bit by Bungie. The developers have made the vendors one of the most critical offerings of the game, with reputation and ranks still intact, and a host of new and meaningful rewards up for grabs, each time the player levels up.
  • As far as vendors are concerned, the first major change that was applied to the game was for the factions. Previously, the players had to wear a specific class item to earn rep with a faction. This allowed the Guardians to earn randomised packages as well as the ability to purchase the factions-specific weapons and armour.
  • In The Taken King, however, things are changing with the introduction of allegiance. Once the players pledge allegiance to a faction, they will gain access to the faction's wares, alongside other special stuff.
  • The factions will now provide bounties and specific quests to the player, making the relationship between the Guardians and vendors a more personal one. Once chosen, the player will then work for that faction, grow with that faction, and even be granted top rewards, alongside the regular, randomised ones.
  • With The Taken King, the Gunsmith is also set for an overhaul. With the DLC in place, for the first time ever, Guardians will be able to earn favour with the Gunsmith. For instance, the players can take one of his Field Weapons and complete a host of challenges, earning players packages, apart from the option to place Armsday Orders.
  • Talking about the Armsday Orders, these are Legendary Weapons that you players can purchase just by choosing their types. Apart from that, as far as Engrams are concerned, changes will be made to the Cryptarch. For The Taken King, he will sell Legendary Engrams that will guarantee players a legendary item.
  • Next, there are changes made for the Vanguard. For The Taken King, the likes of Warlocks, Titans and Hunters will now offer class specific quests and bounties. This will add more variety for those who play with multiple classes.

So, there you have it! Heading into the upcoming The Taken King DLC for Destiny, the vendors will have quite the role to play. Contrary to earlier times, when the existence of vendors never really managed to strike a chord with players, the vendors, this time around, will have more presence.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Twinfinite]