How long has it been since Destiny eventually released? Frankly, it hasn't even been a year, and the game has already captured ample audience with its dedicated online experience. Sure, the game is blamed time and again for failing to provide the Master Chief-esqe impact of the first ever Halo, but it's a start. And that too, a healthy one for Bungie.

Bungie's latest online shooter may have launched with mixed reviews to counter against, but it still has done a decent job by offering whatever that was promised to the fans. This includes a no non-sense online shooter model that not only enjoys a healthy community, but also offers a plethora of competitive modes that worth hours of immersive gameplay.

And although it's possible to write pages narrating about the entire Destiny experience, but we would rather spend the energy on something that will of a bit more help. For starters, let's discuss about the hidden secrets that Destiny harbors inside. In fact, if you play your cards right, there are quite a few that should be of immense joy.

Destiny New 1

Since the game isn't that old, players are still traversing around the open world of Destiny in search of things and places that might not have been charted officially. And while we are sure there will be more secrets to come across going ahead, here are a few that we have already seen in the game. See if you came across any of these.

The Master Chief Memorial Building
Since we have already highlighted this one, and since this is a Bungie game, it's only normal that we start off with this one. Even if Bungie has let go all the ties with the Halo series that it built from the ground-up, we are sure there's still a sentiment that plays somewhere. Maybe this is what made Bungie put in an in-game building that looks so much like the helmet of Master Chief. The building is an easter egg. If you are looking for it, head over to the planet Mars. Once there, go over to the Trenchworks area and you should find the big outpost building that looks like the Chief. Also, the game's glowy golden window and the shape of it resembling the Chief's visor helping its cause.

Destiny master chief

Secret Island Outside Black Garden
Since Destiny offers one of the most vast open world spaces out there, it's natural that there will be areas that you haven't bumped into yet. One such area is actually large floating island that you should come across just outside the Black Garden. But reaching the island isn't as easy as you might think as there are a series of tricky jumps that you need to accomplish first. Sure, you won't find much in the island (apart from a solitary cave), and not even anything to shoot at. But the challenge of uncovering a secret should keep you hooked. Here's a video to help you out.


If Bored... Play Football
If you know Bungie well, it might seem like the devs have a sort of affinity toward the most beautiful game in the world. Remember how in Halo 2, there were Football easter eggs in the game, and later going on to make a plethora of appearances in the Halo series? Well, it seems Bungie has provided similar stuff in Destiny as well. To find the football, head over to The Tower and from there to the Plaza. The football should spawn on your left-hand side, under the stairs. The best thing about it, however, is that it's dependent on physics and you easily kick it around. Also, if you look closely, you should find a larger purple ball that floats around a lot.

Heart of the Praxis Fire
Destiny has been made with a lot of reference to almost everything around us. Not to mention, the warm homages paid to the various aspects of the pop culture. However, these aspects can also be gathered from the various armors and weapons inside the game. Take, for example, the Heart of the Praxis Fire chest armor that resembles the kind of sword-stoppers that we saw back in the Souls series. On closer inspection, you should also come across 'Praise the Sun' bonus. As a Souls series fan, you should surely be remembering this famous phrase, right?


The James Bond Reference
Who doesn't know 007? The greatest spy in the world has made an impact on us over the years via his daring adventures (and the ability to pick up different women). And as it seems, Bond's reach has gone even farther with reference of the iconic Ian Fleming character in Destiny. Not only is there a big reference made for the 'Doctor Nope'- inspired legendary Auto Rifle, there's also the Golden Gun Hunter Super Ability in the Gunslinger class. This gives you a powerful hand cannon, that although comes with only three shots, guarantees one shot instakill.