Destiny Xur
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Destiny's Xur Agent of the Nine, the merchant within the Tower, has returned for the April 15-17 weekend and is offering new exotic weapons, armours and other rare goods that can be exchanged with Strange Coins. Xur appears only on the weekend.

Last week's inventory had no new weapon and we saw Xur selling Crest of Alpha Lupi titan Chest Armour, the Don't Touch Me Hunter Gauntlets, the Impossible Machines Warlock Gauntlets, Exotic Body Armour Engram and a Legacy Gauntlet Engram.

Xur will be found hanging out in Reef. He will only be available from Friday to Sunday.

Recently, the game received a new April update.

Here are the items in Xur's inventory for the April 15-17 weekend:

  • Helm of Saint-14 - Titan Helmet - 13 Strange Coins
  • Young Ahamkara's Spine - Hunter's Gauntlets - 13 Strange Coins
  • Starfire Protocol - Warlocks Chest Armour -13 Strange Coins
  • Bad Juju – 23 Strange Coins
  • Legacy Special Weapon Engram – 31 Strange Coins

Here are the other consumable that are being sold:

  • Plasma Drive — Vehicle Upgrade — 23 Strange Coins
  • Emerald Coil — Vehicle Upgrade — 23 Strange Coins
  • Heavy Ammo Synthesis — Consumable — 1 Strange Coin
  • Three of Coins — Consumable — 7 Strange Coins
  • Glass Needles — Material — 3 Strange Coins
  • Mote of light — Material — 2 Strange Coins