From the last year, Destiny has provided gamers across the planet new events and exotics that are unveiled for the game by Bungie Studios. Without a doubt, the game has given us many action-packed memorable hours.

While Destiny has a number of features and classes to choose from, none has brought us more joy than the game's Hunter class. However, there are still others out there who face a bit of difficulty with the class. That's why we decided to take a detailed look at the class.

Destiny Tips – Hunter Class and Subclass Guide

Hunter Class – Bladedancer Subbclass

  • The Hunter class' Bladedancer subclass is probably the most popular one among the fans of the game. The subclass is more prominent, as far as the in-game Prison of Elders mode is concerned, with great access to Etheric Light.
  • The Bladedancer subclass can go invisible in as many as three different ways. And as you may know, the subclass' invisibility factor is a big deal, helping you in reviving fallen teammates, getting rid of mines and more.
  • The subclass has been designed in a way to help you complete objectives, keeping alive and moving around from one area to the other undetected.
  • Players can crouch (via Blink Strike) or press R2/Right Bumper while the Arc Blade Super Ability is still active to go invisible. In fact, there's event the option to string them together. As mentioned earlier, this is a great option to avoid enemies in Prison of Elders and dismantle mines without anyone noticing.

Hunter Class – Gunslinger Subclass

  • The Hunter class' Gunslinger subclass may not be as popular as the aforementioned Bladedancer class, but it still is a useful one if you are facing a tough situation. The Gunslinger subclass equates to high damage, thanks to the Golden Gun.
  • While the Bladedancer subclass has been configured with stealth in mind, the Gunslinger class is all about inflicting as much damage on your enemies as possible.
  • If configured properly, the Gunslinger subclass can inflict more damage than you can ever imagine, with passive options for the subclass set to focus on Armour and Recovery. The configurations will come handy while tackling some of Queen's Wrath Bounties that are given out by Petra Venj.
  • With the configurations, the Incendiary Grenade will damage over time, alongside the Throwing Knife. In fact, with the Golden Gun cool down reduced, it can be more effective with Over the Horizon.

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[Source: Prima Games]