When Destiny's exotic weapons dealer Xur, Agent of the Nine, brought back the ever-popular Gjallarhorn last weekend for 18 strange coins, it made the entire Destiny community go wild. And before you knew it, thousands of Guardians rushed to purchase the weapon from Xur.

While some of the Guardians missed out on the weapon, since it was so sudden (the Gjallarhorn went missing for some time), others managed to finally bag the Exotic. However, as it seems, the thrill was short-lived after Bungie confirmed via its weekly update that the Gjallarhorn won't be upgradeable to year 2 damage level. Ouch!

The Gjallarhorn, which is now set to "remain a Year One Exotic at Year One Level", has been one of the most sought-after Exotic rocket launchers of all time. So, to have the weapon in the same state, going forward, with any sort of upgrade to it, comes as a huge blow to all the Guardians, who were otherwise prepared to unleash its fury.

Sure, the Gjallarhorn will not have the same kind of bite like it used to earlier, but that hardly means that the weapon will be deleted from the game. The Gjallarhorns will still come as a big deal in the opening stages of Destiny's upcoming The Taken King DLC, but expect the weapon to be phased out of use, going forward.

As it seems, the only thing that can now turn the fate of the Gjallarhorn is fans and players voicing their opinions against the move in the official Destiny feedback page from Bungie. Bungie has always been known for listening to its fans, and maybe a big uproar surrounding the weapon might make them think otherwise.

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[Source: Twinfinite]