Upcoming MMO action RPG title from Bungie, Destiny is one of the eagerly awaited video game in 2014. The developer has kept up the anticipation as it released a dev dairy video explaining the importance of armor, loot and weapons.

Lars Bakken, lead designer at Destiny explains the weapons arsenal in the video contesting that the weapons are much bigger than that of the company's previous works. Bungie was the developer of past Halo games.

Players will be rewarded as they complete their missions and kill the enemies. This reward will allow players to upgrade the Guardians in "every conceivable way." Customization of armor depends upon the way the armor is projected in the game, depending upon the class and the ammunition that a particular player is using.

Bakken also revealed that when a player kills an enemy, they will be dropping loot just for the player.

In order to have the right amount of fire power to drive the aliens away, a player will get three different categories of guns:

  •  Primary weapon - Rifle and hand cannon.
  •  Special weapons - Shotgun sniper rifle and fusion rifle.
  •  Heavy weapon - Rocket launchers and heavy machine guns.

It was also revealed that there are more varietes in every category of gun the sub-categories like:

  •  Autorifle sub-category will include burst-fire pulse rifles, single-shot carbines and a range of full-auto assault rifles.

Once a player has developed a relationship with his/her weapon, it can be used for any character they create. The game is open to all types of class players like Hunter, Titan and Warlock.

It was also revealed that Bungie has put lot of efforts into the making of the guns - which are handmade and hand tuned.

The game will be releasing on 9 September 2014 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

(YouTube Courtesy: PlayStation)

Image credit: destinythegame