Destiny will be released on 9 September, 2014.Facebook

Developer Bungie has been working on one of the most anticipated and upcoming FPS video games, Destiny, which was demoed at the E3 2013. It was also revealed that Destiny will be gracing the cover of the upcoming GameInformer magazine.

A forum member of the has revealed some of the new details available on GameInformer magazine.

This information reveals four new enemy types in the open world game: Fallen, Cabal, Vex, and Hives. Below are the four enemy classes:

Fallen - These are space pirates and though they were once honorable, are now nomadic and aggressive. Their sigils are very distinct and their souls burst from their head when they are shot.

Cabal - These are the industrial people who are militaristic and crave for war and the 'Rome of Space'. There are four types of classes among them:

  • Legionnaires - The infantry
  • Centurions - Mobile units with jet packs that is used for travel
  • Gladiators - These are bigger soldiers who are stronger and possess battling guns
  • Psions - These are smaller cabals who are also the pilots of cabal's space ships and they use their mind to attack. A black oily liquid oozes out of their body when killed.

Vex - These are from a different space and time. They have robotic bodies but with organs. Some of them are humanoids and other annamilistic and have claw-like hands. These are not affected by headshots and players need to concentrate on their abdominal power cores to kill them. There are different classes among them, like:

  • Goblins - They can harass players by overwhelming them.
  • Hobgoblins - They are larger creatures with tails.
  • Minatours - These are bigger version of Hobgoblins.
  • Hydras - Machines that have three heads and are air mobile. They attack using turrets attached on them.
  • Harpies - These are smaller units that can fly faster and sometimes open up before they start attacking.

Hives - These are very ancient race of creatures that have still survived. They stay on planets by making tunnels and dungeons beneath planet surface. When killed they turn into dust and embers. There are different classes among them:

  • Thralls - These are mobs with no weapons or basic armor.
  • Troopers - Majority of the army are the Troopers.
  • Knights - These possess and use huge cleavers.
  • Wizards - These can fly and cast spells.
  • Ogres - They can fire violet energy beams using their heads and are underground creatures.

 NeoGAF also ran a thread that revealed multiplayer features of the game. Following are the details from GameInformer that were revealed by a member called Fracas:

  • Groups of teams in what looks like territories; 3 areas to cap and hold that give you multipliers for actions
  • Players can earn points for kills as well as reviving downed teammates
  • Maps make use of verticality.
  • lots of vertical movement options available to each class
  • Game has dynamic environments.
  • There are many grenade types.
  • Competitive multiplayer is complex but still focused on players skill
  • Shooting experience is like Halo.
  • The loot earned in co-op/singleplayer can be used in multiplayer.
  • The article mentions that players will be starting their campaign without any heavy ammunition.

Destiny has been confirmed for release in 2014 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox360 and Xbox One.