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Bungie's Destiny recently received a new April update that made several alterations to the popular video game, including addition of new strike and activities, changes to weapons and classes, and fixing of issues.

The update also brought Legendary weapons to the game, and among them is the Dreadfang Sword, also known as "Taken Sword." This sword is reported to be very useful. Here is a guide to unlock, shared via Gamepur and a YouTube video regarding the same.

Step 1: Head to the Reef, speak to Variks. This will enable players to get Pretender to the Throne mission.

Step 2: Fly over the Dreadnaughty and start the mission (level 36). Completing it will let players access the At the Gates quest.

Step 3: Players must eliminate as many Taken on Patrol as possible. Make sure that the clues they drop are collected. Next, find Malok after collecting Echoes of Malok (20).

Step 4: Head back to the Tower and speak to Eris Morn who will provide players with information. This information is necessary to complete the At the Gates quest.

Step 5: Players will find a strike called Blighted Chalice on the Moon. Join other players to complete the mission. In order to make it work, players will have to be at level 36 or above.

Step 6: After defeating Blights, players will have to take out Malok. Make sure to avoid his Shadow Touched ability as it can disorient your guardian, take cover and keep shooting in the head to take him down.

Step 7: Players must visit Variks in the Reef to get their reward, the Dreadfang Legendary Sword, which has a rating of 320.