If you are neck-deep into the experience that Destiny is, you should be no stranger to the concept of Strange Coins. They form Destiny's currency and can be exchanged anytime for a boatload of exotics and weapons, apart from everything that's on sale from our beloved weekly vendor Xur at the Tower.

While long-time Destiny players have surely by now amassed a sort of fortune by collecting more Strange Coins than spending, it might be bothering for someone who got into the game for the first time and is looking to balance the currency chart to help buy stuff internally.

So, if you are new to this entire Destiny business and looking forward to earning some Strange Coins as soon as possible, here's a set of tips that will help both you and your Guardian to amass as much Strange Coins as possible to buy that shiny new exotic that you have always dreamt of.

Destiny Guide: Earn More Strange Coins Easily

  • One of the best and effective ways to pick up a stash of Strange Coins is by competing in the Weekly Heroic Strikes. The Weekly Heroic Strike can be completed on three separate difficulty levels.
  • While the lowest of them all will give you as many as three Strange Coins for your efforts, the medium option will give you six Strange Coins. Lastly, the hardest option will reward you with nine Strange Coins for your efforts.
  • Sure, none of these seem enough to buy you anything from Xur, but the trick here is to complete the Heroic Strike with each of the three characters. If completed successfully, at the highest level, the Strike should reward you with 27 Strange Coins.
  • In order to participate in the Weekly Heroic Strikes, you must head over to Orbit and scroll the links provided on the far left side of your screen. This is also the place where you will find the Daily Mission and Weekly Nightfall Strike.
  • If you have successfully completed the strike on one character, remember to follow it up by applying the same on your other two characters. In case you have finished it on all three, wait for the weekly reset on Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST, just enough time before Xur heads back to the Tower.
  • Apart from that, Strange Coins can also be earned by completing a host of random activities. At times, you'll get them from the Weekly Nightfall, while others will present themselves when decrypting engrams.
  • In fact, you might even get some Strange Coins by spending some time in the Crucible. None of these is a sure way of getting Strange Coins, but if you play enough Destiny, you'll surely come up with ways to earn extra cash by doing random things.
  • More Strange Coins can be earned in Destiny's Prison of Elders mode, although the drop will depend from player to player, depending on his or her skillset. Even if you are not that skilled, Strange Coins can be earned just by grinding Prison of Elders again and again.
  • Strange Coins usually come from the chests found on your left, after you're done. You won't get them until the final boss fight is over, when you return to the airlock and drop down the floor.
  • It is also advisable that you drop your Strange Coins into the vault for each of your characters. That way, it becomes much easier to track down the total number of Strange Coins that you have, even access them, shifting from one Guardian to the next.

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[Source: Prima Games]