DDoS attacks on EA servers. (Representational Image)Reuters

Gaming tiles like Destiny, Call of Duty Ghosts and FIFA 15 have been taken down after hackers attack EA servers over the weekend.

Lizard Squad, a hacker group has claimed responsibility for attacks and have posted on Twitter. Distributed denial of service attacks were reported for Destiny and Call of Duty games. CVG reported that the games are up and running.

Lizard Squad has further claimed that its taken down EA servers too.

Another EA game that was reported to be down was FIFA 15, however, Titanfall is also working fine. Destiny is an "always online" multiplayer game and it will not be playable until it is connected with server. However, Call of Duty Ghosts and FIFA 15 can be played offline too.

Games like Madden 15 and The Sims 4 also have been facing trouble, reported Attack of the Fanboy.

Previously in late August, Lizard Squad had taken down PlayStation Network too. It had said that it would be carrying out similar attacks on the Path of Exile, Xbox Live and League of Legends.