Bungie has said that it will not include any ammo microtransactions in Destiny.YouTube

A rumour began to circulate online, with several gaming websites picking it up, that Destiny developer Bungie is possibly introducing ammo microtransactions. But Bungie has rejected these rumours and has it is "not doing that".

And the ones being discussed were the popular Heavy Ammo Synthesis. There are only three ways players can gain Heavy Ammo Synthesis — Xur in packs of three in exchange for one Strange Coin, Variks for 250 Glimmer and one pack of Ether Seeds.

VG247 noted these rumours have existed since 2015 and players can currently buy emotes and Sparrow items from Destiny's Tower vendor Eververse.

But Game Informer got a clarification from Activision: "We're not doing that".

Meanwhile, Bungie noted it would bring changes with its next update and introduce privacy protection. It also added it would bring changes to, giving more options to third-party app developers.

Bungie said in a Forum post: "Once we deploy this build, users will be able to go to their Settings -> Privacy page and toggle whether they want their non-equipped Inventory (private by default), Stats Activity History (public by default), and advisor data (public by default) to be visible by other users or anonymously (sic)".

Over the past week, it was reported that the Destiny 2 expected to be launched by September will now be delayed.