Destiny players faced issues in the weekly Nightfall strikesYouTube

Destiny players on Tuesday were miffed to see a new bug preventing them to complete the weekly Nightfall strikes, and they had to wait for the game's developer, Bungie, to respond to the issue.

Bungie had earlier assured its players that it was investigating the issue, and later confirmed via a Twitter post that the issue was resolved.

Sunless Cell was this week's strike. The players were unable to get past the door halfway through, and to complete the strike, they had to reach the ogre that was behind the door. Due to the glitch, the door remained locked. Meanwhile, the players also reported of not finding any enemies in the initial half. They had to take on the Darkblade boss to complete the strike.

Many Destiny players tried resetting, retuning to orbit and booting all the other players. Game Informer reported that Nightfall had not seen any glitches in the past.

The players will have to play the Nightfall strikes again to complete it following the fix.

There were complaints that some of the qualified players who were supposed to get 'Rising Light' New Year's gift emblem had not received it. After looking into the matter, Bungie confirmed that this issue had also been resolved.

Bungie announced a fix to Crucible gameplay problem too.

Meanwhile, reports from Eurogamer suggested that Bungie might open Mercury for its next in-game event, titled 'The Dawning'.

Currently, only those players who complete Trials of Osiris matches without any error are able to access few PvP maps and a hidden area on Mercury. It is the only planet that is not open to exploring.