Despicable me 3
Despicable Me, Facebook

A number of trailers debuted this week on the social media platform. While the Transformers: The Last Knight, Power Rangers and Despicable Me 3 were expected to hit the Internet, a few surprise entries enchanted fans.

Transformers: The Last Knight teased fans last week with a teaser showcasing the children of the movie. Over the week, the makers released a full length trailer into the movie, showing Bumblebee and Optimus Prime in negative light.

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Over the week, minion fans were introduced to Gru's twin brother, Dru, voiced by Steeve Carell. Fans will watch Gru meeting his twin brother and joining him for one last robbery. Love Actually reunion is scheduled to take place this week and one of the most iconic scenes from the original movie was used to convey the cast and movie's short reunion.

A number of animated movies also released their trailers this week. These included Smurf's new film, Smurf: The Lost Village, Coco and Early Man. Apart from that Diary of a Wimpy Kid, based on the best-selling book, Amy Schumer's Snatched released a new preview, and a number of other movie trailers released this week. Here were a few trailers that you may have probably missed and here is a compilation of all the trailers you have to watch this week:

Transformers: The Last Knight:

Despicable Me 3:

Power Rangers:

Love Actually:

Smurf: The Lost Village:


Baby Driver:

Early Man:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: