Where is India going? Who is ruling the country? What agendas find a favour with people/voters?

The three questions mentioned above will be answered by the result of the election to the Bihar legislative assembly starting on Monday. Not only are the politicians watching closely, and trying every trick in the bag to woo voters, but the whole world is also watching how this vibrant and diverse society reacts to something as age-old as 'divide and rule policy'.

One would have thought that the 'New India' has left behind beef or pig killing politics and moved ahead. But events after the disgusting Dadri event only prove otherwise. Not only are we stuck with old mindsets but we have politicians who are ready to milk the issue to their advantage; at the cost of anything.

Rather than focusing on punishing the criminals of Dadri killing, politicians are doing everything which can result in nationwide riots and killings. This matter has grabbed headlines for days now, and as the election nears, politicians are shooting desperate comments, throwing meat parties, stoking communal feelings diverting everyone's attention from the real need of Bihar: Development Politics.

The victims of the Dadri killing continue to suffer as netas continue to seek political mileage out of a distasteful incident. All parties have jumped on the bandwagon and each one is blowing the trumpet of "justice for the victim" while the family of the victim continues to live in fear.

This indeed is sickening as the guilty roam scotfree and politicians evoke communal passions.

On one hand the country is trying to project image of an ideal investment destination to the world and on the other are tossing up issues which showcase the regressive side of our society and the vulnerability of the people to such politics.

Voters in Bihar should respond by giving a befitting reply to politics of hatred and opportunism by voting for progressive candidates, though they are few, and push back those who will only add fuel to the fire of communalism, poverty, malnutrition, lack of development and lethargic and corrupt netas.

[Disclaimer: The opinions are those of the author and first published in her blog]