Designated Survivor
Tom Kirkman orders Navy Seals to attack Al-Sakar's chief.Facebook/Designated Survivor

Tom Kirkman has had a difficult time winning the hearts of the American people and it seems as if this struggle will continue. In season 1 episode 5 titled The Mission, the President sends a team of Navy Seals to attack and kill the terrorists responsible for the bombing on the Capitol.

In season 1 episode 5, Kirkman battles with his defining trait: his boyish sincerity, as he orders Navy Seals to enter a building in Algeria and target the head of Al-Sakar.

Unfortunately, this operation, which takes place in the dead of the night goes horribly wrong. In the promo, the Seal team enters a house filled with children and realise that they've been set-up.

This realisation dawns on Kirkman as well but it turns out to be too late before he can order them to abort their mission. The video clip captures a bomb going off and Kirkman is later told that they've lost all contact with the Seal team.

This military disaster makes him unpopular among his people and Congresswoman Kimble Hookstratten's words in the promo, "The entire legitimacy of your presidency depends on this" get tested in the next episode of Designated Survivor.

Although its unlikely that Kirkman will lose his position because of a military fiasco, his staff might just use Hannah Wells' investigation to deflect attention.

Season 1 episode 5's synopsis reads:

President Kirkman attempts diplomacy with Algeria, but fails, forcing him to make a difficult decision that will define his years in the White House. Meanwhile, more secrets than answers are uncovered as Hannah continues her investigation into the Capitol bombing.

Designated Survivor season 1 episode 5 airs at 10 p.m. EST on Wednesday, 26 October, on ABC. You can live-stream the episode via ABC GO.