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After a revelation that Lozano killed was not actually him but a doppelganger sent in place of him, viewers watched Agent Wells kidnapped while President Kirkman woes over the Speaker Kimble Hookstraten's Vice Presidential process.

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This week, the ball will continue to roll into deeper drama. The episode will shift focus from the dramatic twists inside the White House to Agent Wells. As the finale approaches in few weeks, the build up to the conspiracy theory will take the front seat.

Titled Misalliance, the 19th episode's official summary reveals more about the episode. Shared by ABC, the synopsis reveals that President Kirkman will touch international grounds as he heads out for his first international summit as the President of the United States.

On the other side, in the domestic regions, Speaker Kimble Hookstraten is facing her toughest political battle. After questioning her past ethics, her speakership is also challenged in the new episode.

Like the political drama in Washington was not enough, Alex has personal debate to solve. Worried about whether or not to bring the children back to Washington, Alex is worried what turns do the family have to face with the political drama unfolding.

The episode trailer also adds Agent Wells condition in the upcoming episode. It shows Agent Wells under Lozano's custody and President ordering Ritter to put all possible resources in tracking down Wells before she is killed. Will she survive? Will the President's life on threat?

With only two episodes leading up to the finale, we doubt the Agent Wells storyline will end today. Find out tonight on Designated Survivor episode 19. Here's where you can watch the episode:

When to watch episode 19: May 3

Air Time: Wednesday, 10/9c

Where to watch: ABC

Where to stream live online (watch online): Watch Designated Survivor episode 18 online here:


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