An appointment with a dentist often evokes memories of pain. The fear of going through a painful procedure to get one's tooth removed must be vivid in our minds. A dentist, however, does much more than just remove tooth; dental care ensures that we have those lovely looking teeth so that we can smile with confidence. But how often do we appreciate those who enable us sport that smile?

Well, there is a day to acknowledge the services rendered by dentists. National Dentist's Day is observed every year March 6 to thank them. Even though its origin is unknown, it is believed to have started by some dental group.  

Here are some quotes by famous personalities on their experiences with dentists: 

Happiness is your dentist telling you it won't hurt and then having him catch his hand in the drill. — Johnny Carson, television host.

I was never afraid of anything in the world except the dentist. — Taylor Caldwell, novelist.

The grinding of the intellect is for most people is painful as a dentist's drill. — Leonard Woolf, English author.

If you took your child to the dentist and check for cavities, the child likely won't get them. If you take them just for emergency, that's all they're gonna get. — Bill Cosby, comedian.

Every time I go to the dentist they say, 'You really need to fix that gap of yours'. I'm like, 'My gap is paying your dentist bills.' — Lara Stone, model.

Be it a trip to the dentist, getting an injection or even coming home with a good report card, my reward always had to be a book. I didn't care much for anything else. — Sonam Kapoor, Bollywood actress.

Patient: How much to have this tooth pulled?

Dentist: $200

Patient: $200 for just a few minutes work???

Dentist: I can extract it very slowly, if you like.

Dentist says to the patient: Could you help me? Could you give out a few of your loudest, most painful screams?

Patient: Why? Doc, it isn't all that bad this time.

Dentist: There are so many people in the waiting room right now and I don't want to miss the 4 o'clock cricket day-night game.

Patient: Doctor, I am very nervous. You know, this is my first extraction.

Young dentist: Don't worry, it's my first extraction too.

Dentist: There goes the only woman I ever loved.

Assistant: Why don't you marry her?

Dentist: I can't afford to. She's my best patient.

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