Dennis Rodman visits Kim Jong Un in August
Dennis Rodman visits Kim Jong Un in August (Reuters)

News of former basketball player Dennis Rodman checking into a rehabilitation facility following his supposedly alcohol-fueled outburst on a TV channel interview has evoked a series of reactions online.

The 52-year-old had drawn much flak after he said that an American citizen, who was detained by North Korean officials, deserved to be imprisoned in the country.

Rodman has often found himself in the midst of controversy for his violent demeanor and alcohol dependence. However, this time it seems he has a 'bit more than he can chew.' In what can be seen as Rodman's penance, reports have emerged that the controversial celebrity has checked into at a treatment centre in New Jersey in a bid to curb his long-standing addiction to alcohol.

Reports of him seeking treatment were met with much enthusiasm on micro-blogging site Twitter.

One Twitter user Pamela Whitfield (@Jesusis1Lord) said - "@dennisrodman I just want to let you know I wish you all the best and hope for your recovery!"

A hadcore fan of the former NBA player- Luke (@el_raymos) said, "I'm still a huge fan of Rodman regardless of the results of a 'outburst'- what he had with korea prior is momentous."

Another user John J. Rigo poking fun at Rodman tweeted, "Apparently it's very hard to be Dennis Rodman. Mark. (@markrijans) said - "This is a great example of what happens when booze and drugs frys one's brain. Rodman is a jerk!"

In an interview with CNN during his trip to North Korea, Rodman lashed out at Kenneth Bae, who has been jailed in North Korea since 2012, saying Bae may done something to deserve his sentence of 15 years of hard labor.

The outburst was met with equal outrage from thousands of Americans and Bae's family. Rodman later apologized saying he was under stress and has been drinking when he was being interviewed.

Upon his return from Kim Jong-un's birthday celebrations, where Rodman had even sung a Happy Birthday song for the North Korean leader, the former NBA superstar was confronted by an army of media and press reporters in Beijing.

"I love my country, America, I love it and I will never trade it for nothing in the world," Rodman told local and international TV channels upon his arrival at the airport.

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