Amid an unprecedented surge in cases, Dengue turned deadly in the Jammu district of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Six deaths have officially been reported so far in Government Medical College (GMC) Jammu.

Some medical experts call it the biggest epidemic since 2013 in this part of the Union Territory.
Notwithstanding claims of the authorities, the number of suspected Dengue patients is increasing continuously in major hospitals of Jammu city with every passing day.

The seriousness of the situation can be gauged from the fact in dedicated Denge wards two patients are kept on a single bed. According to experts, dengue will be relieved only when the mercury falls more.

More than 3,000 patients are admitted in hospitals with dengue while the district has already recorded six deaths.

The trend has emerged as a grave concern with cases, tests, and admissions increasing every week, the official said.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Jammu, Dr. Harbaksh informed the media that six people have died in Jammu till today Friday.


He said the district had so far recorded 3,376 cases. Of these, 2,796 cases have been reported from rural areas. Besides, a few hundred cases have also been recorded in private hospitals.
In Jammu city, over 80 percent of the cases have been reported from Sarwal, Janipur, Rehari, and Ploura areas.

GMC Jammu is fully prepared to cope with the situation, claims Principal

The principal of Government Medical College, and Hospital (GMCH), Jammu, Dr. Shashi Sudhan Sharma said that till date five persons have succumbed to dengue fever in the hospital.

She admitted that the mosquito-borne seasonal viral disease dengue has rapidly spread to all regions and the number of dengue patients in the hospitals is increasing day by day. The increase in dengue patients is alarming.

New vaccine for Dengue on the horizon, as monsoon sets in. (Picture representation)
The new vaccine works by highlighting the nicotine as a foreign invader and by prompting the body to create antibodies against the nicotine molecules.(Representational Image)West Point - The U.S. Military Academy/Flickr

She further said that in the children population around 80-90 dengue patients and the adult population around 50-60 dengue patients are admitted daily and till now five deaths are reported due to dengue fever. The reason for the deaths was that the patients were admitted late to the hospital, she claimed.

The Principal said that GMC Jammu is fully prepared to cope up with the situation. "Increasing dengue cases are being controlled and all measures are being taken to avoid the spread," she said and appealed to the general public to follow all the precautions to save themselves from this fever.