Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi on Monday said 1,000 traffic policemen will be armed with revolvers in Delhi. Bassi, however, did not mention the reason behind arming traffic cops.

He added that "Delhi traffic police will have its own chopper to control traffic" by 2016.

Bassi's statement comes in the wake of the odd-even rule being implemented in the capital by the Delhi government till 15 January to reduce pollution in the city.

Known for its road rage, Delhi has witnessed many violent and fatal incidents where drivers have even bitten off a man's finger during a brawl!

The odd-even rule, which allows odd numbered cars on odd dates and even-numbered on even dates between 8 am and 8 pm, has already led to more than 500 defaulters being booked in the city since it began on 1 January.

The traffic police, along with the Delhi cops, are responsible for manning roads to ensure the odd-even rule is implemented.

Delhi Police Special Commissioner Muktesh Chander told Hindustan Times violators of the rule would not be spared, adding that he levied a fine on a VIP vehicle for flouting the rule on Monday.