Kiran Bedi
BJP leader Kiran Bedi participates in a party roadshow in Rohini, New Delhi, on 19 January, 2015.IANS

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's footsteps, BJP's CM candidate for Delhi - Kiran Bedi - announced on Tuesday that on winning the assembly elections she will launch a radio show named "Dil ki Baat" in line with PM's "Mann ki Baat".

Bedi further shared pointers from BJP's vision document for Delhi. While talking about her radio show, she said not just the Chief Minister, but also the cabinet ministers and MLAs will connect with the residents of the national capital.

"There will be a monthly radio address 'Dil ki Baat'. This programme will be organised every month where residents will be told about what the government has done during the past month," PTI quoted Bedi as saying.

She said that her aim is to reach out to each resident of Delhi and inform them about their rights, new policies and several other things. Bedi said that staying in direct contact with the public she and her party will make Delhi a world-class city.

"Government will reach at your doorstep and your ears on the new initiatives taken and new policies brought. Children, youth, money, the elderly and business will be informed on the new things and their rights, especially that segment who don't see television or read newspapers," Bedi said.

Bedi released BJP's vision document for Delhi on 3 February and said that when the party comes to power, its top priority will be to ensure 24-hour electricity and water supply, along with safe transportation.

Instead of garnering appreciation for its priorities, BJP attracted criticism from across the country for referring to people from the north-east as "immigrants" in the vision document.