The Delhi government has concluded, following a probe into the matter, that the Delhi Police had violated the law by entering Kerala House to investigate whether beef was served in its canteen.

The Kejriwal government had earlier asked the divisional commissioner to submit his fact-finding report on the Kerala House raid which had drawn flak all around.

A team of 20 policemen raided the Kerala House on 26 October following allegations by a Hindutva outfit that beef (cow meat) was being served in its canteen. But following the raid, the police found out that carabeef (buffalo meat) was being served in the Kerala House canteen and not cow meat.

In his report submitted to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday, Divisional Commissioner of Delhi A Anbarasu said that the Delhi police had violated the provisions of law by raiding the Kerala House. 

"Delhi Police had no authority to enter, enquire and search the alleged presence and sale of cow meat in the canteen," Anbarasu said in the report.

He mentioned in the report that the police team did not follow the prescribed provisions of the Delhi Agricultural Cattle Preservation (DACP) Act 1994 by not informing the competent authority and ensuring their presence at the time of the visit.

"The entry of Delhi Police cannot be construed as a visit for enforcement of law and order. They visited for the sole purpose of investigation of a complaint related to serving beef in the canteen of Kerala House," the report said.

The report will be sent to the Home Ministry and the Kerala government.