Delhi Gang Rape
Police and relatives carry the body of Subhash Tomar, a policeman, during his funeral in New DelhiReuters

Three weeks after the death of constable Subhash Chand Tomar in the violent anti-rape protests, an anonymous letter was sent to Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar stating that it's unfair to give a day's salary to the victim's family.

Following Tomar's death in December, Delhi police said that they would donate a day's salary to the constable's family as a mark of respect.

The letter, written by the Delhi Police force, was faxed to the Delhi police headquarters on Saturday afternoon. The letter addressed to Kumar said that the 83,000-plus force would go to court if it was made to give a day's salary to Tomar's family, Hindustan Times reported.

It also stated that instead of donating a day's salary, police personnel could donate Rs 100 each. Criticising the move, the officers in the letter further stated that they might take legal action if their appeal is unheard.

The note also asked why equal financial help is not given to the families of every law enforcement officials.

"The letter argues that the amount collected if the entire force contributes a single day's salary would be between Rs. 8 -10 crore," an officer told Hindustan Times.

The personnel said that they would donate their day's salary on one condition that the amount collected would be distributed equally among families of those who died in the past five years. This would ensure that all the families will receive an equal amount of approximately Rs 10 lakh each.

Neeraj Kumar denied receiving any such letter. He clarified that the contribution of money was only meant for the IPS officers.

 "I never asked all the policemen to donate their salary," Kumar said, according to Daily Mail.